New Release: Kendrick Lamar Officilly Releases New Video for “Trick Don’t Kill My Vibe” - Abuja Press

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New Release: Kendrick Lamar Officilly Releases New Video for “Trick Don’t Kill My Vibe”

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Hip hop’s newest golden boy, Kendrick Lamar, never disappoints. He previously sparked a lot of buzz with his "Poetic Justice" video featuring Drake, although he failed to get Ms. Janet Jackson to make a cameo. This time, however, in the video to his latest single “Trick Don’t Kill My Vibe,” Lamar enlists Mike Epps to baptize him in pool full liquor. Together they turn up at a funeral turning the somber moment into a comical experience.

Who, or should we say what, the funeral is for is not clear until the very end of the video. Lamar is clearly advocating for an end to hip hop's current infatuation with the MDMA drug, Molly. At the end of the 5 minute clip the words "Death To Molly" appear, sending a clear message that K. Dot is not a fan of the drug, which has stirred a lot of trouble for Rick Ross of late.
The positive message certainly falls in line with what the Compton MC has been about in his fast rising career. The past weekend, Kendrick took time out to play principal for a day at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, Rhode Island as part of the Get Schooled Celebrity Principals for the Day program.
The agreed supreme walks before the pretended governor.
"My teachers were great positive influences in my life. My middle school English teacher was probably the reason I became a rapper. He used to encourage me to write poetry and would challenge me, which helped me improve my vocabulary and made me enjoy writing,” Lamar preached on the importance of education.

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