Nigerian online entrepreneurs versus the positive influence of social media -BELLA NAIJA - Abuja Press

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Nigerian online entrepreneurs versus the positive influence of social media -BELLA NAIJA

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Uche Pedro (Eze), popularly called Bella Naija appears to be the most influential blogger in the country, with even most of her other successful counterparts attributing their in-road into the world of blogging to their visit to

Liadi says, “One day, I was with my friend who is a radio presenter and he said, ‘Ladun, why don’t you start a blog? You have so many things going on for you.’ I didn't really want to, because I felt owning a blog was personal (as it was meant to be about the person’s daily activities) and not meant for reporting. But he told me I was wrong and gave me a blog address to check out. It was Bella Naija. And that was how I started my own blog too.

Also, celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji, in an interview published on, also explains that she discovered what was called blogging after visiting, which was formally hosted on as, started off as a small entertainment and pop culture portal. Publishing Nigerian celebrity, fashion and lifestyle news, the blog has grown to attract over one million hit per month across the continent.

Apart from fetching Pedro cool cash, her blog success has taken her to places. She has featured in many elite celebrity talk shows. One of such is the Oprah Winfrey Show, which is the highest-rated talk show in American television history.

In an interview she granted to Cable News Network’s Isha Sesay in Nigeria, Pedro, who studied in a Canadian University, said she started blogging after being bored while on a two-week holiday in Nigeria.
“In 2006 when I just graduated from the university. I had two weeks off before starting my first job. I had always loved Nigeria and Africa but I was just bored. But I realized the fashion and entertainment industries were more vibrant and more people were involved in politics, business and it was so encouraging.

“I was like: Let me just start something that will sort of represent these and it has grown in leaps and bounds since then.”

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