Wade Robson Accused Michael Jackson of child molestation - Abuja Press

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Wade Robson Accused Michael Jackson of child molestation

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Former Britney Spears choreographer Wade Robson, 30, is accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation. Allegedly between the ages of 7 and 14. Wade Jeremy William Robson (born 17 September 1982) is an Australian dancer, director, producer, songwriter, and award-winning choreographer. He began performing as a dancer at the age of five. He has directed music videos and world tours for numerous music artists such as 'N Sync and Britney Spears.
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Robson reveals, “This is not a case of repressed memory. I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me… But I was psychologically and emotionally unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

He alleges, “He sexually abused me from seven years old until 14. He performed sexual acts on me, and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.”
Robson says Jackson was an amazing talent, but “he was a pedophile.”
Lawyers for the Michael Jackson estate has vehemently denied Robson’s allegations.

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