Is BIG BROTHER AFRICA reality show linked to ILLUMINATI?? What do u think???

The brain is truly a wondrous organ! It conceives reality and in some cases, deludes us by creating a reality. That is the case with Illuminati. There is no such sinister secretive group looking to control our minds. Or rather, I have never seen evidence of it's existence. But this is not about my opinion. It's about what Africans have begun seeing and saying.

Africans have begun seeing hidden imagery in the Big Brother Africa logo that many claim is proof that BBA is part of this mysterious religio-economic entity. Pffft! Anyway, this is the proof people are claiming:

Yeah so lemme guess what will follow these allegations; Octopizzo owns the BBA franchise right? Anyway, you make up your mind and believe what you want to believe. Read how people have claimed Jaguar to be part of the illumintai here.

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