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Nelson Mandela responding better to treatment

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Kid Showing Affections
JOHANNESBURG — Former President Nelson Mandela began responding better to treatment
Wednesday for a recurring lung infection after "a difficult last few days," South Africa's president said.
President Jacob Zuma told Parliament he is happy with the progress that the 94-year-old is making after his hospitalization Saturday. Mandela spent a fifth straight day Wednesday in a Pretoria hospital, where he was visited by one of his daughters and two granddaughters.
Zuma noted that Wednesday marked the 49th anniversary of the sentencing of Mandela to life in prison in 1964. He said "our thoughts" are with Mandela and his family "on this crucial historical anniversary."
"We are very happy with the progress that he is now making following a difficult last few days," Zuma said. "We appreciate the messages of support from all over the world."
Mandela, the leader of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, spent 27 years in prison during white racist rule. He was freed in 1990, and embarked on peacemaking efforts during the tense transition that saw the demise of the apartheid system and his own election as South Africa's first black president in 1994.
This hospital admission is Mandela's fourth time being admitted for treatment since December.

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