Oge Okoye With Lovely Son "My kids will all have British citizenship"

The Nollywood Actress, in an interviw with Gistmania promised all her kids to have a British citizenship

Why did you choose to have your baby in London? 
   I feel more at ease in London than any other country. Don’t forget that I was born there too. Besides, I want a better life for my kids. 

Does it have something to do with the citizenship thing? 
   Of course yes. I am a British too. I just want a good life for them when they get older and also for them to be able to move around the world freely without hiccups. I believe they will have a better life with their British citizenship. 

Are you saying you don’t believe or have faith in Nigeria? 
   I just know that the step I took for my kids on their nationality is the best for them. I know what I am doing honestly. Nigeria is a good country and there is hope of it becoming better but I have my reasons. My kids will all have British citizenship. 

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