Article.:: A Letter To Punch News From A Religious Leader

 This letter was sent to punch news online this morning from the Chief Imam of  the Trade Fair Complex Central Mosque, Lagos State. He expressed bitterness of heart as Nigeria is living in an Oasis of darkness. Read below the line:

Any country aspiring for economic growth must strive for maximal energy supply. Constant and uninterrupted power supply is a necessary impetus to the sustainability of economic stability. But, while the world forges ahead, Nigeria is on the reverse gear, sliding away from civilization. Dr. Sam Amadi of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, recently proclaimed that Nigerians would pay more for blackout, as the electricity tariff had been programmed to astronomically rise, and this has no bearing on the progressive but steady decline in power output. Nigeria is now an oasis of darkness! We have had a basketful of unfulfilled promises regarding power supply. Sadly, the country is almost being set ablaze by unscrupulous politicians in their quest for 2015 elections. They fumble, stumble and wobble, a la Fanny Amun, while Nigeria is in darkness!

Chief Imam Taofeek Sanni,

Trade Fair Complex Central Mosque,

Lagos State,


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