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Forbes Reveals- Lady Gaga Is Top Earning Celebrity Under

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It’s somewhat ironic that Lady Gaga once again ranks as the top-earning celebrity under the age of 30. This year the singer underwent an experience usually reserved for old people: hip surgery.

But of course Gaga’s injury wasn’t caused by decaying bones and muscles. She had a labral tear, likely from the intense dancing she does during her shows. And after her surgery the Mother Monster didn’t just hide away to recover. She rolled out in a custom-made 24-karat gold plated wheelchair.

Those kinds of antics (and her massive social-networking power) helped land Gaga in second place on our annual Celebrity 100 list. Her earnings alone put her at the top of this list. We estimate Gaga earned $80 million between June 2012 and June 2013. She would have earned even more if she had been able to finish her tour.

Women dominate our list of the Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30: Seven of the top 10 of women. As in past years, we didn’t include athletes to keep the list more Hollywood-focused. We talked to agents, managers, producers, executives and other in-the-know folks to come up with our estimates, which include all entertainment-related income. We don’t deduct for taxes, agent fees or the other costs of being a celebrity. ...Go gaga Go!

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