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WOW! DE-BLISS MODELS MANAGEMENT Begins Operation In Abuja As They Release First Batch Of Models (Photos)

As the models market continue ‎to strive in Abuja because of increasing concentration of residents and institutions in and around the capital city, an that recruit models has been launched.

With a passion to promote and expose aspiring models for national fame and international recognition, DE-BLISS MODELS MANAGEMENT‎ has been establish to ensure the industry begin to take centre stage based on the activities and programmes of the models.
To be part of this models initiative, consider the following:

1.What inspired you to become a model?
3.What your plans and aims in 5 years?
4.Who is your role model?
5.What do you expect from people?
6.What is your parents reaction about you ambition.
7.What do you have to say to upcoming models? ‎

With this in mind the CEO and Models manager YINKA Akinbola was able to silently kick start this noble project to attract deals for the new models.

The Osun state instructor seek to use this opportunity to get them exposed on about benefits and opportunities in the industry. The platform gives the models the soft landing to get pageant opportunities, adverts, magazine shoots, endorsement etc.
For more info:: contact 08071865370/07065811801

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