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The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr.  Peter Obi could not stop to amaze me with his penchant for vain glory and publicity. If he is not photographed with school children, you will see him struggling to squeeze himself between two Rev. Fathers or Bishops. I saw a photo shopped picture of him kissing the hand of the Catholic Pope. A man who has not wedded his wife in  a Catholic Church claiming to be holier than the Pope. The intrigue of fixing the award a day to ] commissioning of Shoprite Onitsha marks the highest level of egotism from the drug Baron. 

The worst of it is paying an astronomical cost of Two Hundred Million Naira (200,000,000) for ASPANDA award in far away Lagos. Peter Obi should be told that such amount of money spent on stupid frivolities as ASPANDA AWARD can empower over two hundred youths in Anambra State. I am pissed off when I heard the amount he spent in lobbying the executives of ASPANDA so that the award will be today.  Can somebody tell Peter Obi that ASPANDA is not in Anambra Central. He should come down and commence his campaign as I heard that INEC has included his name in an election he did not participate in the primary.

My question is why spent 200,000,000 to buy an award in Lagos?

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