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Monday, September 12

EXPOSED!!! 36 Shocking Reasons Why Some Pageants, Beauty Queens Are Less Regarded By People or Brands In Abuja And Beyond! (MUST-READ}

The need to sanitise the industry is not only important but totally necessary as new owners and some existing brands downplay the pride, integrity and perception of a beauty queen or queens directly or indirectly. History of pageantry in Nigeria dates back to over 50 years ago when commitment, passion, discipline, determination  and hardwork are the bedrock of any pageant owner or beauty queens vision 

Read below carefully;

• Some pageant organisers do not know the core value of a crown as such can no impact on the winners

•Some pageant Organisers venture into pageantry for gains and business neglecting the fundamental essence of the contest.

•Some pageant director flag-Off pageants without considering ge‎tting the prizes or potential leadway to the winners entitlements or attract credible sponsor for that.

•Some Beauty Queens dwell more on the prizes to be won at the contest, without considering the one year long activities that can fetch more‎ money.

•Most Beauty Queens only end up visiting Orphanage homes, Taking Photoshoots and hosting birthday parties in a whole year.

•‎Several Beauty Queen Do not put up decent disposition in Clubs even with crowns on their head, they allow People to "rock" or touch them while dancing.

•Some Pageant Organisers have no business in the industry as they are only comfortable having ladies around them ( Winners) instead of using them as instrument to influence a generation positively.

•Few Selected pageants consider the integrity of their brands while others rubbish the pride of their pageant brands unconsciously or unprofessionally.

•Its shocking that anybody can be placed as a judge irrespective of the person's background or antecedents, in some pageants.

•Every girl or model wants to end up been a beauty queen, and desperate organisers make it work for them even‎ when they are empty and lack content.

•70% of our contemporary beauty queens can not stand or address a crowd confidently or interact with the broadcast media except so‎cial media posts.

•Most Beauty Queens consider winning as a show off paparazi so as to enrich their instagram pages ‎and facebook photos with sash and crown

•Some beauty queens fail to understand that a crown is an endorsement for fame and impressive opportunities if used well rather they wait to change overnight.

•A beauty Queen can end up being a prey to men's sexual satisfaction if she has nothing‎ to offer intellectually or poorly packaged project executions

• Some Beauty Queens believe all courtesy visits should attract money for them, forgetting that their content alone can make it possible.

•Men in General judge from appearance instead of reality as such only your charisma or personality as a beauty can change such impression.

• Some models dabble into pageantry as a way of getting to any man of their choice for immediate gains regardless of her worth.

• Some pageants end up recycling contestants, even crowning a contestant that was practically disqualified in one audition for poor presentations and appearance.

•Big Brands like Telecommunications, banks, Ministries etc are wary of pageants because of the some negative perceptions also caused by the players

• Most Pageants do not have structure or yearly plan for their winners, neither does the winners even established map to do projects that are impactful.

• Some pageant coordinators now make it possible for audience or passerby to predict winners before the finals based on their level of packaging

•Some pageants do not work very hard to get the best of contestants for audition as they feel their brands can attract models even when they have done nothing to guarantee that.

•It's shocking for a pageant to have about 13 contestants for a contest and end up crowning about 10 of them on stage!

• Most Beauty Queen Who do not deserve to be celebrated end up getting recognitions in major events after occupying almost all the seats for free in a paid show.

• ‎Some top Beauty Queens get embarrassed when classified along side "Mushroom" beauty queens who no man has ever said "You Are Beautiful" even before the pageant.

•Some Beauty Queen believe the best way to make it fast is to put away their organisers from their activities or hide sensitive packages from him or her.

• Most Beauty Queen celebrate when they see their pictures on blogs even when the blog does not have reach or network, provided they can send out links to BBM and Watsapp contacts.

• Some Beauty Queens have sacrificed their pride on the alter of quick money, with every Tom, Dick and Harry disposed to talk to her.

• The Good Images of past Beauty queens and activities ‎are continuously been rubbished by modern day unattractive pageant queens.

•Hmmm, some beauty queens are seen in Clubs more often than the owner of the club or lounge especially at Nights.

•Quality contestants are hardly seen in pageant auditions or big stage because directors hardly execute unique projects or activities that can easily lure models in a fresh edition.

•‎ When a pageant finds it difficult to get quality contestants in fresh edition, then the reigning beauty queen was not a role model, that means no lady or girl wish to wear her shoes or crown...let her consider the activities of her reign.

• Some beauty queen do not know that Karma exist, their activities are usually seen by people which usually attract negative comments on blog, though some comments are posted by mere haters.

•Some pageant owners expose the inexperience queens to environments that could easily consume them in self worth, packaging and low life offers.

• Some pageant director venture into the industry for lack of jobs, poor academic qualifications and to meet up to demands of their "clients"

•Finally, some beauty queens ‎tend to get distracted from school because of their crowns or uses it as an excuse for poor performance...forgetting that a reigning Beauty Queen Chichi Mbagwu made first in UK university and now works in top three accounting firm in America. (Google it)

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Written By:
Alex Nwankwo
CEO Amity Global Network


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