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Friday, April 13

REVEALED! The worrying side effects you could experience if you STOP having sex, according to a GP

Dr Ginni Mansberg explained what can happen to your body if you are no longer having sex.

IT is a little known fact that a woman's body can undergo some changes when she stops having sex.

General Practitioner Dr Ginni Mansberg explained to the Mail Online the potential side effects of giving up on the horizontal hokey pokey.

Lubrication issues

When women stop having sex it is possible for their vagina to shrink and it can get worse at lubricating itself.

Dr Ginni explained that this is because the oestrogen helps with vaginal lubrication.

She said: "The cells that make the lubricant are turbo charged by oestrogen and they line the vagina, it's called mucus membrane, which is a mucus lining."

You can of course buy lubricant from the store - although it doesn't always work in the same way so advice is to speak to a GP if you're concerned.

Losing your sex drive

Another potential down-side of stopping having sex is that you can also stop wanting to have sex.

Dr Ginni explained that - while research in the area is difficult - often women who have been in long term relationships don't have high libidos as their partner has become a "comfortable shoe".

She said: "One thing I will say is that a mismatch in libidos can be difficult for a couple. If a woman wants sex and her partner doesn't it can be absolutely devastating as it can make her feel unattractive."

Thinning of the vaginal walls

Like any muscle - the vaginal wall needs exercise - but it doesn't get weak, it just gets thinner.

Dr Ginni said: "It's not really a big issue but you might not have as an intense orgasm the first time, but it can come back."

You can build your vaginal wall however with pelvic floor exercises.

More stress

Dr Ginni revealed that a number of studies have shown sex relieves stress.

She reasoned that women who are having regular sex are more likely to be in a healthy relationship.

She explained: "It's hard to be really 100 per cent sure on this.

"It might not necessarily be the sex that's busting your stress, but the fact that you're in a healthy relationship where you have access to sex and are happy to have it and you're not fighting all the time."

The Sun

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