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Sunday, June 10

6 Qualities Of A Good Rape Scene

I just saw the movie 300, which had an awful rape scene;it didn't arouse me at all.

Real-life rape is brutal, horrible, and something I don't believe in, but I dig it in movies and porn where the fake rape is a symbol of male domination. Here is what makes a good rape scene:

1. Not too much physical violence. There should be no blood and hitting of the girl with a closed fist, though hair pulling is acceptable. The girl can beat the guy on his chest as much as she wants, and she has to say no and please don't several times. But not too much.

2. Lots of eye contact. This makes the rape more intimate.

3. Some facial grimacing. It should hurt a little initially, but not during the full strokes. Definitely no tears.

4. No protection. I accidentally stumbled on a French porn clip of four masked men raping two French girls. Not only did the guys put condoms on, but the girls helped them do it. I was so disgusted that I stopped watching.

5. Change in opinion. The key to a good rape scene is seeing the girl change from hating it to loving it. She has to want to be raped again.

6. After-sex joking or cuddling. She should learn to love her rapist. None of that crying on the floor naked while in a fetal position stuff.

Both genders have rape fantasies and that's normal, but there is a definitive test to see if you really love rape or not: watch the movie Irreversible.

The nine minute rape scene in that movie is so violent that it disfigures the victim (Monica Belucci) and puts her in a coma.

I did not get aroused during that scene, like I normally do when watching rape, so that means I can joke about rape because I'm not really a rapist (sort of like how black comedians can make fun of black people).

That movie turned me off from cinematic rape for several months.

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