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Monday, June 11

How To Steal A Girl

How To Pull A Robbery

The problem we face at night is that there are too many horny guys who approach as much as we do. If you wait for girls to be alone, you will have a lower selection than if you also approach girls who may already be talking to guys. While it doesn’t make any sense to hit on girls with boyfriends, it’s not a bad idea to hit on girls who are in the process of getting gamed. Here’s how to do it:

1. Pick the right target.

A girl who’s a good robbery candidate will be talking to a guy that she has not yet hugged tightly or kissed, meaning he’s not her boyfriend or fuck buddy. She should not be intimately touching him, though it’s fine if he’s touching her. If they’re smooching or kissing, don’t bother. While you can pull robberies when the girl’s two-year boyfriend is in the same event (I have), it’s more of a crap shoot.

Robbery Countermeasure: Make out with girls quickly, in under an hour.

2. Patiently wait for him to get distracted.

A lot of things happen in a party or bar when a guy has to turn away. Maybe his buddy wants to tell him something (my favorite), he has to go to the bathroom (less frequent), or he has to go get a drink. You’ll need one of these distractions where his focus will be taken off the chick for at least 30 seconds.

The most common failed robbery attempt I see is when a drunk idiot tries to approach a girl on the dance floor who’s actively dancing with another guy. This will result in failure because a girl will not indulge your approach if she’s in the middle of the interaction. The pause is needed. For the first few seconds of your approach, the robbery victim shouldn’t even know that his prospect is getting hollered at. He should back turn around, see his chick enjoying a chat with you, and think, “What the fuck?”

Robbery Countermeasure: Do not let your girl out of your sight until you make out with her. Hold your urine until you get the kiss. Going to the bathroom on a girl you haven’t kissed is a risk in sausagefest environments.

3. During the pause in their conversation, do your standard approach. No special game is needed.

4. Do not engage the guy.

Don’t be friendly with him and don’t make eye contact with him, because it will just give him an in to come back. Since he has yet to make out with the girl, he can’t barge back in without seeming needy, so he has to sit on his hands and hope for the girl to ditch you.

5. Lower his value.

You’ll catch him watching from the corner of your eye. Tell the girl, “By the way, that guy you were talking to is staring at us pretty hard right now. I think he likes you a lot.” Almost always the girl will discount him by saying, “Yeah I just met him.” Sometimes she’ll hate on him outright. It’s never happened where she says, “Oh I must get back to talking to him.” Her attraction for him is decreased when you verbalize his affections for her. It’s like he himself told her.

6. Prevent the reverse robbery.

If the interaction is going well, he will be salty as hell that you stole his chick. He’ll stand nearby, staring hard, with smoke coming out of his ears. The smarter guys ease back on the girl by saying something like, “Oh hey, I lost you for a second.” The dumber ones try to grab her away, which never works. What you must do is move her to another spot in the party or bar or wherever so that any appearance by the guy makes it seem like he’s stalking her. If you take her to another section and the dude follows, she will be creeped out and lose all remaining attraction she had for him. If you stay in the same spot where you did the robbery, you put yourself at risk for the reverse robbery.

You may be wondering, “Won’t the girl immediately turn me down if I approach when she still wants to talk to the other guy?” No, for three reasons. First, she may want to make the guy jealous by talking to you, never guessing that your game is tighter and she will actually become more attracted to you instead. We use her feminine need to stir jealousy as a trap to get her talking to us.

Second, when a girl is about to hook up with a guy, she starts wondering if she could do better, just like I’m sure is the case with you. You let her shop around just a little more before deciding to get with that guy. It’s not your fault that you are indeed better.

Third, the guy probably put her in a good, flirty state that automatically gets transferred to you. She’s more receptive than if she hadn’t been talking to him. It’s almost like he’s warming her up just for you.

Your robbery attempt will only succeed if you overall value is higher than the guy’s. If you’re a loser but the guy is cool as shit, then you will be caught red-handed. I only go for the robberies when I know I’m cooler than the guy, which is 98% of the time. Since you need to build fast attraction with robberies, I guarantee you will not even rob a pack of chewing gum if your game is weak.

I must say that it’s immensely satisfying to have a guy with a stupefied look on his face staring at me in disbelief, hovering around in the hope that the girl I stole will return to him. He’s thinking if I know her from somewhere or if I’m maybe an ex-boyfriend. How did he get in with her so quickly? How is he making out with her so quickly?! I’m a complete stranger, a man who has fought in the jungle longer than you have, who put in his dues longer than you have. Here’s a pen and piece of paper to take some notes on.

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