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Monday, August 13

Why Women Mention Names Of Other Men - Even If They Are Interested in You

So she starts talking about other guys.

And you think she's not interested.

Not so fast.

It might, actually, be a good thing.

Read on...

I pulled the following post from the SoSuave Discussion Forum.

Note that Wyldfire is a female.

We do have a few of those who hang out on the forum - asking questions, giving advice, posting nekkid pictures of themselves all over the place.


Just kidding about the pictures.

Or am I?

You should probably investigate.


Why Women Mention Other Men - Even If They Are Interested in You

by Wyldfire

If she senses you are interested in her and you aren't acting on that fast enough, she will tell you about other guys she could be dating.

She wants you to think that you need to beat the other guys out by asking her out first.

So... if a woman is showing you other signs of interest and drops in comments about other guys who want her... act soon.

This is one of the last hidden signals a woman will give you before beginning to lose interest.

She's trying to tell you:

"Quit stalling already! I want you to ask me out and am tired of waiting!"

If you don't act soon her interest level is probably going to start dropping at this point.

Games and Signals

Women play these games that drive men crazy for pretty much one reason... somewhere in our psyche is the belief that it is not feminine or socially acceptable to be aggressive about pursuing men.

Because of this, we do things to try to send signals and cues to the man to help him know what we want.

This would be a lot easier on the guy if he knew what the hell these signals meant, but he doesn't because he doesn't think like a woman.

Women have the same difficulty understanding men because they don't think like a man.

So Remember...

If a girl mentions a boyfriend... don't even bother thinking about what it means. Avoid these girls.

If you steal them, they will let someone else steal them from you too. That's a pattern with girls who do that. Save yourself the time and trouble.

If she tells you that she likes a guy or seems all smitten when she mentions him, she's not really into you. Don't waste your time on her.

If she goes out of her way to tell you that other men are attracted to her or want her, she wants YOU to want her.

And it's time for you to act!

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