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SOCIAL HANGOUT!! Gwarimpa Group Holds VVIP Seat-Out, Calls For Network Opportunities.

It was indeed an amazing moment and quite a satisfactory experience at the "Gwarinpa VVIP Seat-Out" community gathering, organised by Gwarinpa VVIP group and held at De Baron, opposite Crush Cafe, gwarinpa Abuja. The Seat-Out witnessed the presence of notable persons living within the Gwarinpa city and was indeed a huge success with the turnouts recorded.

The Group Admin, Mr. John Brown, who spoke to newsmen after hosting, described the VVIP Seat-Out as a memorable social hangout and would never be erased from history. He appreciated all its members who were in attendance to honour the event. He noted that their able presence was the actual spice of the event. John Brown extended gratitude and prayed for God's blessings in abundance.
The event of Gwarinpa VVIP Seat-Out was fun indeed, especially with the ambience of social interference, as it created an avenue self promotion and business networking, as Members were able to introduce themselves and speak about the jobs and career, and how they can be useful to other members as the case may be. There were also  lots of foods, drinks, dancing and merriments to give the get-together a relaxing environment.

While commending the outcome of the event, John Brown further noted, that was the first time the VVIP Group in Gwarinpa was hangingout. He also thanked those who had the will to come but couldn't for one reason or the other, he says, "we still appreciate you, we say a very big thank you and God bless you all, cheers".

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