DOCTOR GODWIN MADUKA : The Most Qualifed For Anambra In 2021

By Shedrach  Uloko Ibe 

For many years, several documenters and writers have painted glorious tributes about Doctor Godwin Maduka, the award-winning medical doctor of international repute and a top-contender for the Anambra State governorship position in 2021, for his unequaled philanthropic acts across Anambra State. 

Even so, it's imperative to pause and decipher what exactly are his motives for embarking on such humongous and capital intensive developmental projects like the construction of roads, hospitals, schools, houses for widows and the poor, market for  public, a five-star hotel, barracks for security operatives, a police station and two monasteries and houses for the clergies, a post office, a magistrate court, and a seventeen-storey building (the tallest building in Anambra and Igboland) to serve as a world-class medical research centre in Umuchukwu amongst other philanthropic acts that have benefited the masses in Anambra State.
Undoubtedly, Doctor Godwin Maduka is a great achiever with a large but humble heart who wants the best for Ndi-Anambra, without an iota of selfishness. He has proved that he values his people so much as a loyal son of the soil; proudly identifying with his place of birth and state of origin. 

As a thoroughbred Anambra son, he also understands that a home masquerade cannot perform so well to the outside audience unless it has performed so well at home: the reason he is never far away from Ndi-Anambra. 

Again, for those close to this worthy son of Orumba South, it would be unthinkable of him to live in abundance and watch his state become a wasteland or the people living in squalor and privation when he can make resounding impacts to make life better for everyone.
Obviously, it is the same spirt of selfless service that encapsulates his belief and decision to offer himself to govern Anambra and bring progressive changes to the entire state. With his sleeves folded, ready to start the enormous task of building and restoration, he wants to reach everywhere, including those isolated individuals and remotest hamlets that desperately need the urgent interventions of the government come 2021 as the governor of Anambra State. 

This warm anticipation is anchored on the fact that despite his internationally celebrated achievements in the medical world and a high social standing, he is widely known to identify with the downtrodden; always seeking  ways to be of help: irrefutable attestation of his sound character and genuineness as a leader.
And judging by his outstanding humanitarian spirit, Doctor Godwin Maduka does not want to shine alone or for his community to be the only one with decent homes, portable water, security, electricity, well-equipped schools and hospitals, well-paved roads, and other modern amenities for a better life. He wants it replicated across the state for everyone to have a healthier, enjoyable and purposeful life. That is the action-driven leader with a golden heart that Ndi-Anambra deserve now! 

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