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SO SAD!!! Nigeria Set To lose out At International Gymnastics Competitions As Talented 10 Year Kid Representative Lacks Sponsors To Participate In USA, Dubai

The need to support local talents and the outstanding performance of Nigerians, especially gifted children in gymnastics may have become imminent, as we x-ray the notable and significant pride which young Stephanie Onusiriuka Ogechukwu has earned our dear nation. As a young Kid-Athlete, Stephanie has won various International competitions for Nigeria, especially with her recent nominations in Dubai, Sceychelles, and the United States of America for the Boston Meet Rythmic Gymnastics in April.

Described as a talent like no other from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the 10 years old Stephanie Onusiriuka Ogechukwu broke the record of winning the Simone Bikes HandbStand Challenge, haven finished within 18 Seconds, ahead of the host Simone Biles herself, who finished in 40Seconds.

Joining the the gymnastics career as a Professional gymnast three years ago, the creative and smart Athlete had earlier started Gymnastics on her own when she was 2 years old, with keen support and encouragement from her parents, grooming her by letting her watch videos of gymnastics on YouTube.

Young Stephanie Onusiriuka Ogechukwu has so many medals attached to her, with records of gold medals, including the South African Competition, the African level System Gymnastics in Pretoria and won a bronze medal in National Youth Games in Illori. Few months ago, she was interviewed by BBC News, NTA, Arise TV etc with regards to her feats, skills and motivations.

With anticipations to perform excellently and even secure tickets for the international nominations to represent Nigeria across several countries, Stephanie Onusiriuka Ogechukwu and her management have called on the support of federal government and other local sponsors to ensure fruition in the dreams of the young Nigerian representative ahead of the most anticipated contest in Dubai and Seychelles in July this year. The young Talented athlete who has won many laurels for the country is expected to commence training tour in University of Pretoria South Africa - Spring break.

In a reaction from the management team of Stephanie Onusiriuka, He took instances from notable honour which Dr. Okonjo Iweala had brought to Nigeria, as she becomes the first woman and the first African to be chosen as Director-General of World Trade Organization as well as other notable sports Personalities. This seem to be another chance for Nigeria to write it's name on gold at the global scene as the 10 year is set to make Nigeria proud but only she would have a better support and sponsor from Individuals, Organizations and the especially the Federal Government.


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