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August 19 more important than August 12

August 12th is here again and we're to celebrate the World Youth Day. But misplaced priority keep eating deep our bone marrow as a nation.

August 12 is a great day to celebrate the youths globally but as it stands in the current situation of our own nation Nigeria, more attention should be on August 19 been World Humanitarian Day. 

The youths which we tends to celebrate on August 12 are hungry and angry. Our politicians can barely walk in the streets without been stoned by their youths even outside the country. 

The youths have been bastardized to the point of hopelessness. More than 70% of the Nigerian youths are jobless and many among the 70% are helpless and depressed hence the World Humanitarian Day should rather be taken advantage of to right the wrong. 

Just 10% of the Nigerian politicians are in charge of 90% of the nation's wealth while leaving just 10% of the nation's wealth for 90% of the masses. And of this 10% of the nation's wealth, the youths only gets the crumbs that falls from the tables of elders and leaders through maybe bursary to NANS and other fewer means.
Youth leaders have chosen to rather be praise singers of bad leaders who do not care much about the future of the youth. 

If I am to thank the Nigeria President E.H President Muhammadu Buhari it's in the creation of the Office of the Humanitarian and Disaster Management. Headed by the Hon. Minister Dr. Farouq Sadiya. And I call on the Honourable Minister to heighten her efforts and widen the humanitarian gesture beyond the FCT border to reach the 774 local government of Nigeria. 

I also use this opportunity to beckon on the middle class, the rich and the wealthy class of this nation to take advantage of the forthcoming World Humanitarian Day as a day for sober reflection. A day to care for those around us and show love to the downtrodden. 

It is time to empower beauty Queens or pageant groups in our various states for they are saddled with more responsibilities to carry out humanitarian cause and stand in gap for the poor masses, youths and women. 

There's no doubt this is a trying time for everyone, and a  little care towards that poor neighbour can go a long way. The reality of thing is that prices of market commodities have sprang up almost triple and the minimum wage remain stagnant. 

Give out the clothes, shoes and other household items you no longer use. Give a call to that family member ask if everything is alright. Give some food stuffs to that poor family in your neighbourhood. 

A lot of people are currently going through hard times in this country. And since the government isn't forthcoming we need to help each other. 

Pastors and Imams should please up the humanitarian gestures at their worship centers. Beauty Queens (ex or reigning) should wake up and pick up their pet projects, hit the streets and give to the poor and the needy as usual. 

Let more free empowerment and skill acquisition programs be dosed out for youths and women. And we will find the youths more useful via our humanitarian gestures. 

Happy International Youth Day
From all of us @queensconnectafrica

Amb. MarchGrey 
President, Queens Connect Africa.

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