Driver and Boss slept off on the wheel while driving along Ademola Adetokunbo in VI Lagos

On Ademola Adetokunbo in VI Lagos, crowd were gathered around a car right in front of Eko Hotels. It happened around 4 pm yesterday evening.
 Stylishly, the source moved closer and asked one of the usual Lagos "gather around' and was told that they were driving along the road while asleep and eventually stopped in front of Eko Hotels.

Despite people opening the car doors, they still did not wake up but they are breathing as at the time the these pictures were taken.

What could have happened ? Were they drugged or are they on drugs?

A lapel pin on the suit the lady(the boss) at the back seat was wearing shows that she is a top executive in one of the banks around VI. The hospital reported yesterday night that, they actually inhale CO2(Carbon Dioxide).

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