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Tuesday, July 9

Video: Brazilian Rapper "MC Daleste" Shot Dead Onstage

MC Daleste, a popular 20 year old Brazilian funk artist/rapper who real name was Daniel Pellegrine, was shot and killed during a live show on July 6th in the Brazilian city of Capinas. MC Daleste was performing at a public housing project when he was shot in the stomach by at least one bullet from an unknown gunman. Sad. Watch the video then continue to see his photos...

Watch video and Comments From Friends Below:

"I'm not into funk, incidentally, I am a fan of rock, especially the old!!

My opinion is that we have more compassion for the people, and take care not to let it cool so fast the love of humanity, because if not, the end is near and many were not able to be saved.

Note: I said "MANY" ... the many who insist on judging the next for not having the ability to look in the mirror and accept himself, "HYPOCRITES"

My condolences to the family and everyone who loved this boy there.

Absolute Peace!!"

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