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DISTURBING VIDEO/ PICTURES: ShameFul As Deputy Senate President's Aide and thugs Disrupt NASSLAF Inauguration

It was another free for all fight at the National Assembly recently when the staff of the Deputy Senate President, Dalingston Udeh disrupted  ‎the inauguration of National Assembly Aides Forum after a successful election won by Sam Melaye.

National Assembly Legislative Aide constitution stipulates that the Clerk of the house has constitutional right to call for congress and conduct election within the armpit of the law. Due to persist court cases and distraction 8th assembly, which necessited delays, another faction led by Dalingston Udeh conducted a kangeroo election less than 60 members as against the over 200 members at the Sammy Melaye victory dully conducted by the Clerk and  leadership of the 8th assembly.
At the inauguration of the elected officers who won after the dissolution of the caretaker committee and successful conduction of‎ the congress and election, Dino Meleye younger brother and his executives  who won were attacked and event dirupted at the personal conference room of the Deputy Senate President.

It was indeed a show of shame as properties and chairs worth millions were recklessly destroyed in a practical mortal combat speared by Udeh and thugs.  ‎They also further assaulted a sergent of arm at the complex as the fight continued embarrassingly at the lift where they seek to exhibit their legislative superiority
See Video Below‎

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