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Friday, June 28

Vangaurd Interviews "Muna" Abi About Her Relationship

Munachi Abii had recently had an interview (talks) with channels TV, and below are part of the chats they had saying she has never had any deep relationship with The P Square brother  Peter Okoye.

What’s your opinion about love?

Love is life. It’s the most beautiful thing to happen to anybody.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, it could happen. It is possible.

Is this what happened between you and Peter Okoye (PSquare) love at first sight?

Look, I know Lola Omotola very well. I have known her for years and we are really close. All those things you heard or read about us are not true. Peter Okoye and I are friends. I know his family well. I was just invited to be in his video (Ifunanya) and that was it. Nothing more than that. I know how Peter and Lola love each other and I respect their love.  I could never do that to them. I could never bring myself to do anything to hurt them.
It’s good to have you clear the air.

She further spoke that she knows that very soon all the so called bloggers would come up with gossips that she is denying ever dated the P square

     "What you’ll see is another screaming headline, “Muna again denies affair with Peter Okoye.” It’s not fair, it’s heartbreaking and very frustrating. Some of these things you media guys  write about us hurts us so badly"

How have you deal with rumors about you?

I try to remain focused and I move on.

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