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Wednesday, May 17

IMAGINE? Man Facing Murder Charges Claims His Girlfriend 'Suffocated' To Death On His Pènis!

Men, we understand, are prone to exaggerate; some going to “extreme lengths” when it comes to their “manhood”, now we are not sure if Richard Henry Patterson is exaggerating when he told a court in Florida that Francisca Marguinez choked to death during oral sex because his penis is so large!

Not content with telling the jury that he has a whopper, he wants to show them it in court to prove his innocence. His claim is that because his penis is, well shall we say mammoth sized, poor old Francisca just choked during their playful exercise.

The defence lawyer Ken Padowitz, has called upon the judge to allow Patterson to show his penis to the jury, judge, lawyers and a bailiff.

The eager lawyer suggested that it “was essential” that they saw the offending weapon, so that they could fully understand just what the defence team were talking about. Failing this, Mr Padowitz has said that he will just have to make a mould of the gentleman’s penis so that he jurors can see the monster.

Mr Patterson does admit that he, or perhaps he means his penis, killed her, but denies that he did it deliberately and is to face trial for second-degree murder. The couple had been dating for about four months when the unfortunate event took place, which was in October 2015.

He was arrested in November after police found a decomposing body when Patterson contacted his lawyer and told him to send police to Marguinez’s home.

What the unfortunate police found when they went into the victims home was Marguinez face down on the bed, surrounded by blood and semen-stained tissues.

Unfortunately, because of the length of time and the state of the decomposing body, the coroner was unable to determine the cause of death.

Police were alerted after Patterson messaged his daughter and a friend saying he ‘did something bad’ and that he ‘was so sorry’. He said that although he had choked her, perhaps that should read penis, but now he is arguing that he didn’t strangle her.

Should the judge decide to allow the defendant to display his penis, we wonder if it would be presented flaccid or erect, whichever way it may happen, would his “evidence” stand up in court!

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