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Saturday, June 17

How To Make Money With Your Social Media Accounts

Definition - What does Social Media mean?

Social media is a catch-all term for a variety of internet applications that allow users to create content and interact with each other. This interaction can take many forms, but some common types include:

*.Sharing links to interesting content produced by third parties

*.Public updates to a profile, including information on current activities and even location data

*.Sharing photos, videos and posts

*.Commenting on the photos, posts, updates, videos and links shared by others

Social media is perceived as a Web 2.0 development, which is to say that it is founded on the concept of a user-driven, interactive web.

Blogs, message boards and chat rooms provide an experience that could be described as social media, but the term is more strongly identified with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, and so on.

Like many buzzwords, the meaning of social media is a moving target that gets shifted around according to what the person using it wants it to mean.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Definition - What does Social Media Marketing (SMM) mean?

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. Social media marketing campaigns usually center around:

*.Establishing a social media presence on major platforms

*.Creating shareable content and advertorials

*.Cultivating customer feedback throughout the campaign through surveys and contests

Social media marketing is perceived as a more targeted type of advertising and is therefore believed to be very effective in creating brand awareness.


What does 'Monetize' mean?

To monetize is to convert an asset or any object into money or legal tender. The term "monetize" has different meanings depending on the context.

In Web development the term monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue thorough your Web site/page, blog or Social Media account.

Monetization can be from affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any form of revenue generation.

Each and every person in the world wants to monetize their precious time with the help of various resources either offline or online.

Making Money From Advertising Networks

The increased use of smart phones and social messaging is fueling a shift in how money is earned on the Internet.

Believe it or not, you can make quite a bit of money by monetizing your social media presence through advertising.

There is minimal to no cost associated with social media, but one can truly make a killing by using the right methods.

There is a huge range of advertising available online. Most of it falls into two basic types.

1. Paid search advertising

This is the largest advertising category, dominated by Google.

Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed to users as they type queries into search engines.

The ads usually appear as links in the search engine results pages.

2. Display advertising

- This is the next most popular form of online advertising.

- Ad banners appear on websites/pages or inventories in various sizes, positions and formats, including text, images, and rich media.

-They can be displayed to all visitors, or their display can be triggered by the visitor’s profile, location or interests to make them more relevant and effective.

Note: You can monetize your social media presence with Display advertising.

You apply for monetization and display Adverts are placed on your inventories (social media posts, blog posts, apps, photo albums, videos, etc.).

Social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc., are emerging as powerful channels to run advertising and also earn from advertising.

How online advertising is sold

Online advertising — also referred to as interactive advertising— is generally sold using one of three methods.

*1. Cost per click (CPC) — also known as Pay per click (PPC)

- In this form of advertising, the publisher (you) is paid each time a visitor/viewer clicks on an advert placed in your page or inventory.

- For this reason, it’s often called performance-based advertising since you only earn for results.

- This is the method used in paid search advertising.

*2. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

- This method is most often employed for display advertising.

- The publisher (you) is paid by the number of times an ad is displayed to visitors/viewers, referred to as impressions.

- Payment does not depend on the ad’s performance but there are ways to track its effectiveness.

*3. Fixed Payment

- Publishers (you) are paid a fixed amount for an ad to appear for a period of time, regardless of how many times it is viewed or clicked on.

- Most advertising is gotten through ad networks (advertising companies) which run ads across your pages or inventories, based on parameters you select.

Among the biggest ad networks are Google AdSense, Taboola, Outbrain, Criteo and Revcontent amongst others.

Online display advertising

-Display ads are the advertising banners that appear on many sites including news sites, social media sites, pages, videos and blogs.

-They usually include images and, increasingly, rich media like video and animations.

Ad networks

- Most online display advertising is sold through ad networks which represent groups of websites to advertisers.

- It is particularly prevalent in the market for smaller advertisers and websites, social media pages/columns, apps and inventories etc.

- The ad networks also take care of the distribution and tracking of ads.

The largest ad network is Google AdSense which operates a global ad network.

Amazon is building an ad network — expect advertising to feature more prominently in Amazon’s future — and there are many smaller networks.
These are often country-specific or serving vertical markets, and there is rising interest in mobile networks which serve ads to mobile devices.

But perhaps the most important recent development in online display advertising is the rise of social media advertising.

Facebook leads the field but its rivals are quickly building sophisticated advertising platforms of their own.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) vs cost per click (CPC) advertising

It’s very common for display advertising to be sold on a CPM basis, while search advertising is more commonly sold on a CPC basis.

In CPM-based advertising, the publisher (you) is paid for the number of times an ad is viewed (impressions), regardless of whether the visitor/viewer takes an action such as clicking on it.

This is very common if the goal of the campaign is branding or awareness rather than direct response.

Publishers will often set a fixed CPM for their site or inventory and advertisers will buy a fixed number of impressions.

Ad networks can run an advertiser’s campaign across multiple sites.
Some networks will let advertisers bid for the CPM they are willing to pay, just as they can bid for the cost per click.


If we talk about making money online then not a single person can deny the fact that Google AdSense program is one of the best resource for earning handsome money from your Blogs, Hosted Social Media posts, Websites, Videos, Music Tracks, Articles, Photos, Mobile sites, Games, and site search results etc.

Did you know?

It was June 18, 2003 when Google launched the advertising monetization program named Google AdSense which has now grown to include over 2 million publishers who earned more than $7 billion from AdSense in the year, 2012 alone.

Learn how AdSense works

AdSense automatically sends ads to your site/page, social media account or inventory based on a few different criteria:

Contextual targeting

AdSense crawlers scan your page, analyze your content, and serve up ads designed to match your content.

They do this using keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, and the link structure of the web site/page or inventory.

Placement targeting

This allows advertisers to choose to run their ads on specific subsections of a publisher's website or inventory.

If your website/inventory matches an advertisers criteria, their adverts will appear on your page.

Interest-based advertising
This lets advertisers reach users based on their interests and the user's previous interactions with them, such as a visit to their website.
This method is good for monetizing your site/page more efficiently, as it increases the value for advertisers and provides a more relevant experience for users/visitors/viewers.

Easy Way To Earn From Adsense With Social Media

Host partner websites

Several Host partner websites (social media sites etc) allow you to monetize the content you create (your posts) on their websites by linking it to your AdSense account.

A good example is (Recommended for beginners) (Get Smarter Here)


Newsvine is designed to make you feel at home.

Write about current affairs, seed a great news story, or simply join in the discussion.

It’s all about you.

**Write original articles

*“Seed” content – share stories (links accompanied with brief summaries) from anywhere on the web

*Publish beautiful Video and Photo posts

*Read a customized stream of news provided by your Nations ("groups")

At Newsvine, all discussions (posts and comments) occur within "Nations" (much like Facebook groups) , and you can join or create up to 15 Nations depending on your interests.

Create or join a customized Nation

*Guide discussions around topics — large or small

*Invite your friends and fellow Newsviners

*Facilitate good discussion using Newsvine’s powerful moderation tools (for admins of nations)

*Monetize your newsvine column by applying for an Adsense account. (After approval, Adverts begin to appear in your posts and column)

* Earn for your activity (your posts, photos, links, videos etc)

Tip: Share your newsvine post links on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to increase your earnings.


To get started,

Signup for a newsvine account at

* Update your profile

* Browse the “Nations” page and find a party you'd like to join, or create your own and invite your friends from your world….

*Start seeding (posting), commenting (discussing) and sharing links to your newsvine posts on other social media channels.

Note: newsvine "nations" are similar to facebook "groups"
All your posts on Newsvine (articles, seeds, photos, video) automatically compile to form your Newsvine "column" similar to your facebook "timeline"... you can call it your inventory.

And its this inventory THAT you MONETIZE with Adsense to start earning for views and comments and shares.

Here is my latest newsvine column (inventory):

Click on the link to see how I post...

I simply share links to interesting current stories or articles I find anywhere on the internet. I "seed" the links and write brief summaries of what I read in the original story.

I don't do copy and paste, I just read a story and report it in my own words... 200 words or more.

You are allowed to write your own articles, seed your own photos or videos. Always try to write short descriptions about your photos or videos or links when you seed (post) them.


First and foremost, in order to generate any kind of revenue from AdSense you must have people viewing and clicking on your ads.

In order for this to happen, you need to have people on your site/page, reading or viewing your content!

Whether you have a business website, or a personal blog, or Social media account, the rule is the same: Get the word out!

*. Heavily trafficked large sites can see over a million hits a day, whereas a blog/page or Social media account might feel lucky if they have 100 visitors a day.

*. For every thousand page impressions (views) you receive, you may earn from $.05 to $5.

Yes, that's a broad range—over a month (1,000 views a day), that is between $1.50 and $150.00 (N750 and N75, 000 ie. Using black market rate)!

Where in that range you can expect to frequent depends entirely on you, your site, and your promotion efforts.

SHARE your newsvine links on other social media!

For 1, 000 Nigerian views you receive average of $2 (N1,000)
For 1, 000 USA/UK/Australian/New Zealander views you receive about $5 (N2, 500)

You can request your Adsense earnings upon reaching $100 and it will be paid directly into your normal savings bank account (in local currency, Naira) via bank wire once every month.

If you have a good presence in say 5 top social media sites e.g. facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Nairaland, Google+ etc, you can easily get a thousand visits/views a day ($5 or N2,500 a day) or far MORE by simply sharing links to your interesting posts on!

Make money with your social media accounts!

Linda Ikeji was earning over $6,000 (N12 million at current black market exchange rate) a month from Adsense before she quit and started getting payments directly from companies for adverts placed on her site. Companies like MTN, GTB, GLO.

Her once upon a time "play play" social site is now a popular brand raking in money so much she lives in a N500 million Mansion!

The more you post, comment and share, the more you earn!

Moreover, AdSense Publishers in almost any part of the world can now get their AdSense earnings directly into their normal savings or current bank accounts through EFT payment system or Bank wire which has been made available to them with effect from March, 2014.

Contact me via whatsapp for any assistance! +2348173064371

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