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REVEALED!!! John Fashanu and I are not married, We are great friends and fight for some humanitarian causes together -Rachel Bakam

The close working relationship between sports legend Amb. John Fashanu and veteran media ‎Rachel Bakam has been misunderstood to be a marital union by man. But Amb. Bakam has come out to debunk the rumours making rounds over the business relationship.

According to her "The Media love to refer to John and I as husband and wife but we are not married. We keep quiet and let that perception slide but the truth is, We are great friends and fight for some causes together‎. He is amazing in business and a very loyal friend. Professional to the core. Misunderstood by many but an amazing man.

She further added " I have been very close friends with him for over two years now and i can attest to his goodness and loyalty. He goes the extra mile for his friends. He has gotten his feet caught unfairly many times because of his goodness. I am blessed to have a great friend like John who has grown to become like a brother, confidante, friend and amazing in business. We also fight many causes together. I am a humanitarian. When I propose to John to come on board to support causes like empowerment of IDPS and Anti-human trafficking, he comes in and gives his all. He is Loyal to the core through thick and thin. I have enjoyed the best friendship and work relationship with John so far"

The award winning media practitioner who is also known as The PIPER is the achor of popular TV programme Trends & Rachel on NTA, AIT and DSTV. 

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