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ANAMBRA GUBER!!! Tony Nwoye, The Scaffold For Progressive Excellence by Alex Nwankwo

Transformation is a proof of positive change, and the emergence of Mr. Tony Nwoye as the flag bearer of All People's Party (APC) is a sign of hope, progressive development, socio-political reformation and socio-economic resuscitation in Anambra State. 
Considering the erudite nature of Mr. Tony Nwoye, his relationship with the grassroot and his creative perspective on developmental programs for the state, it is obvious that Anambra State might have eventually seen the light at end of its tunnel of struggles. 

However, the Flag bearer of APC is one person who is adept for initiating and managing programs that bothers on morals and social reformation; a basic problem in Anambra state. 
Moreover, the state have been through series of problems that relates to social policy and social actions. Mr. Tony Nwoye is committed to the reformation of social policies and actions which includes housing schemes, crime and poverty in the state. He told Anambrians that if he is given the mantle of leadership as the Governor of the state, he would stop at nothing to combat the challenges of housing, crime and poverty through a visionary strategy which he has nurtured over years.
He says "I have developed series of strategic programs that when initiated will help torpedo the basic challenges in Anambra state". 

The young politician who just turned 42years has also challenged youths in the state, saying that the youths in Anambra must be proactive and innovative; they should engage in the development of strategic programs that will help accelerate the growth and development of the state. The 2017 gubernatorial aspirant under the APC umbrella said that his government will be opened to creative ideas from youths and institutions that are concerned in alleviating the challenges which the state is facing. The Governor to be said that these strategies will help secure a soft landing for employment opportunities in the state as it will also promote the availability of vocational and technical skills that are lucrative for graduates and unemployed youths.

Also, Dr. Tony identified his anticipated mission to resuscitate the economy of the state. He spoke about his plans to improve the economy through the integration of trade relationships with foreign agencies and investors, thereby accelerating the industrial growth and advancement of the state. He also commented on the need to improve the exportation of locally made products so as to boost the economy and income of Anambra state. The bold and intellectual leader also assured Anambrians that his government will not underscore the efforts of small scale enterprises, instead it's government will encourage SMEs through loans, incentives etc. 

The visionary leader and an astute politician also reviewed the issues facing the educational sector of the state; he then said his government will do everything in its capacity to promote education in the state by improving the welfare of teachers as well as facilities in local schools so as to advance the content of education in Anambra state.

We however look forward to the victory of Hon.Tony Nwoye at the forth coming Anambra gubernatorial elections and we also look forward to the fundamental prospects which his government will unveil. We have no doubt that his capabilities will pilot the affairs of Anambra state through progressive excellence.

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