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TONY NWULU: A true reflection Of Not Too Young To Run (Must-Read)

The need to encourage young leaders who are already making indelible impacts in the sands of time is now. In view of this, it will be imperatively paramount to laud the significance achievements and relevance of Hon. Tony Nwulu, who happens to be one of the youngest legislators in Nigeria.

However, his love for youth empowerment and the need to improve youths involvement in governance led him to initiate "not too young to run" bill; an innovative bill that seeks to promote youth development, improve youth participation in government and harness the vibrant relevance of youthful strength. Nwulu has distinguishd himself to be a true reflection of this bill through the strategic plans embeded in his constituency projects, considering the explicit impacts on the economy, social development and polity.

Among the colourful feathers of Honourable Nwulu is the outstanding record he broke as one of the 1st legislators in Nigeria representing Lagos state that hails from the south-eastern zone -Imo state precisely. He  represents the Oshodi/Isolo federal constituency. The young vibrant legislator is indeed an icon for youth  development and also a symbol for the global recognition of African youths in leadership.

Tony Nwulu, however in a phone discussion yesterday stressed on the need for other state assembly to adopt "Not too young to run bill" so as to support the revolution of youths in leadership nationwide, as the countdown continues to the national youth summit in Abuja. 

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