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VIDEO: Olakunle Churchill Makes Clarion Call For Active Youth Participation In Governance/ Politics

Popular Philanthropist  and Chairman of Big Church Group, Dr. Olakunle Churchill has called on active youth participation in governance and politics as the 2019 election general approaches. He made this call during an AIT interview recently where he also stressed on the need for our leaders to show sincerity in governance as he questioned the preparedness of the youth to take up the challenge of leadership through politics. 

It would be recalled that ‎he was bestowed with the prestigious honour of "African Youth Champion" in Abeokuta last year by African Youth And Governance Conference (AYGC), a platform which attracted young leaders and enterprising entrepreneurs across Africa and diaspora.

‎On the basis of this international recognition, Olakunle Churchill had this to say to the youth and Nigeria leaders " 

" A Clarion Call For Active Youth Participation In Governance/ Politics"

Politics needs to be brought down to a level in which the youth have a franchise. 

The young people of today understand their scope in the world. Whereas older generations were primarily aware of their community, and aware of the larger scope of politics only through distant news, the current generation has statistics, political viewpoints, and exhaustive analysis at their fingertips. 

The youth of today have the perspective of the world, but have an opportunity to apply that viewpoint on any level to which they aspire.

It would be good to see young people become involved in the nation's politics. Any election or vote where they count for a significant percentage will encourage them to see actual results from their suffrage. 

Youth involvement will bring about sensitization for youth readiness to take charge because as kids in primary schools they have always heard it that they are the leaders of Tomorrow and "Tomorrow IS Now".... U

Ultimately;they will begin to see the value of shared belief and organize around those beliefs. Ideally they can interact at a more sophisticated level than merely two parties. 

They can form interest groups that help to shape a more modern and informed political structure.

It is my dream and determination to be in the  path  of reformative agenda  and for our voices heard  for a new progressive generation.

Watch the short Clip:

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