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A judiciary court sitting in Abuja has released a court order that restrains sacked labour party chairman, Abdusalam Abdulkadir from accessing party properties, as well as any uninvited visit or trespass into the national secretariat of the party. The report was released to newsmen few days ago after the recent misbehaviour of Abdulsalam during his visit to the national secretariat in company of thugs and hoodlums to disrupt peace at labour party secretariat.

Recently, the peace and progress of Labour party under the leadership of Dr. Mike Omotosho has stumbled through several challenges, because the sacked party chairman has refused to accept the results of the national convention that brought in a new administration for the party. However, the undemocratic nature of Abdulkadir during and after his leadership timeline in labour party did backslide the advancement of the party, thereby enveloping it in a loose-loose situation overtime. 

Considerably, the court order issued on the 29th of January 2018, by Hon. Justice Aliyu, states that "the defendant/respondent is hereby restrained either in person, or by his Prives, agents, or any person or body claiming through him from trespassing or stepping into the party office and to stop interference with the properties of the party and office, pending the hearing and determination of the motion in notice".
Basically, this report is certain to torpedo the unnecessary interference, gate-crash and threats by the former national chairman of the party. However, alot of party faithful members believe that the Dr. Mike Omotosho led administration in labour party will deliver efficiently if the local crisis caused by ex party chairman is managed.

Speaking to labour party youth vanguard, the secretary says "Abdusalam is confused and lacks the wisdom to engage diplomatic channels in pursuing any of his baseless plights, we don't want him in the party, and that's final". Amidst these challenges, the party is still engaging prospective initiatives that will promote the unequivocal growth of the party.

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