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By Val Igwebuike. 

Imo state is widely known for appreciable sophistication in educational excellence. One thing is factual and indisputable too: the state has the highest number of Nigerian indigenous professors in the country. Again, for nearly thirty years, Imo state has consistently scored the highest mark in JAMB, and produced the highest number of university fresh intakes for both the male and female JAMB candidates. In 2016 alone, statistics proves that the number of Imo JAMB candidates was far higher than all the candidates from the 19 northern states put together. This enviable record is unprecedented and impressive too. The numerical exposition of the profound achievements in academic laurels of the people from the Eastern Heartland is also verifiable. Indeed, this is a recurring dynamic.

From inception, I mean from the creation of the state in 1976, Imo state has been the state to beat in all areas of human endeavor. Our first civilian governor, Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe is regarded as the most resourceful political leader in Nigeria's history. Mbakwe set the developmental blueprint that established infrastructures which saw Imo as a state that had all that was needed to make  her people sustainably comfortable. 
If his political achievements were sustained, no child born in Imo state would have had anything to do with poverty. Everything that guarantees economic prosperity and socio-political stability was adequately put in place by Governor Sam Mbakwe. Interestingly, these he achieved only in a tenure of four years.

Today, the story is different and sorrowful. Imo state has  become a society where the impoverishment of the people is the paramount target of the government. All the solid system and infrastructures put in place by Mbakwe are being destroyed and replaced with inferior materials from  China and Arab artisans.
Imo state has gone down abysmally in the educational sector. Our students are no longer performing as before. We are sinking astronomically by the day.

In the business and commerce arena, the story is Worst. All major markets in the state that account for its economic stability are presently ravaged. A reliable statistical evidence proved that about #1.4 billion is cumulatively realized as a gross income revenue from the demolished Eke Onuwa market on daily basis. The daily cumulative revenue from the demolished New Market is not included in the above income generation analysis.
All these measures are systematically geared towards making Imo indigenes pitiable paupers.

From the horrific verifications above, the  big question remains constant: HOW DID WE GET TO THIS DEAD END?
The answer is simple and metaphoric. Imo state was built on the solid foundation of education. Our quoted first civilian governor, Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe was a celebrated Barrister, and renowned scholar. He had also a track record of sound and proficient civil service experience. Mbakwe was never a political tout. He was a man of proven integrity and indespicable Personality. As a lawyer, he knew and understood the ethical contents of political administration and citizens welfarism.

This is what is lacking in present Imo state political administration. Sound education that compels and attracts appreciable ethics of global standards is seriously lacking in our state's political administrative structure.
From 2007 till date, the story has remained similar. Political hooliganism has become the preferred manner to control governance in our state.
Political gladiators now come with the sole aim of embezzling public fund at the expense of the people's wellbeing.

Certainly, we must return to our base. We must go back to that for which we are known. Ndi Imo must go back to education, which is the science of sense, and the bedrock for dependable economic development and social tranquility.
Yes, the election has come again. We must not make further cataclysmic electoral mistakes. It is fatal to make mistakes at elections. We must now choose someone, who has obtained the Golden Gift of professorial education. This is where we can get it right this time around.

Thank God, among the gubernatorial aspirants in Imo state, there is a man, who has come to restore political order in Imo state, and bring in a political administration that will wipe away the sorrowful tears flowing from the eyes of defenseless Imolites.
Prof Jude Ejikeme Njoku is a man of consummate Personality, whose placid manner is a characteristics that compels the admiration all.
As a Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), Prof Jude Njoku was elected BEST Vice Chancellor of the Nigerian Universities by the National Universities Commission (NUC), in 2004.
If Imo state must go back to its past glory, and even grow above that, all hands must be on deck to ensure that Prof Jude Njoku is supported to occupy the Douglas House and restore the lost glorious and enviable position of Imo state in Nigeria's Political administration.

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