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OH MY! One in three women can orgasm just by touching this part of the body – and it’s NOT down there

When the nipples are touched it activates the same part of the brain as touching down there

That's right, you could reach heady heights just during foreplay.

Speaking on US TV show The Doctors, Dr Kristi Funk, a breast cancer surgeon, revealed this game-changing information.

Nipple play can help women who struggle to orgasm have a better time in the bedroom

To test why this happened, experts have taken brain scans of women who had both their nipples and down there stimulated at different times.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at functional brain MRIs of women and found the same area of the brain was activated when nipples and genitals were touched.

But while some women have an easier time, others struggle to climax at all.

So understanding nipple play could help move things along in the bedroom.

The same area of the brain is stimulated when the genitals and nipples are touched

"20 per cent of women have never been able to achieve orgasm so I would like to suggest a little nipple play to help you along," Dr Funk added.

Sex expert Pam Spurr agrees that nipples can be a fun way to reach climax.

"Nipples can be extremely sensitive," she previously told The Sun Online.

"And with nerves running throughout our bodies, when they’re stimulated, many women get tingles right down between their legs.

"For some women this leads to full orgasmic pleasure.

"Ask your partner to try the 'swirl and poke' kissing technique on your nipples.

"One third of women can reach orgasm solely by having their nipples caressed," she said.

"The reason is that nipple stimulation and genital, meaning vaginal and clitoral, affects the exact same point in the brain."

The Sun

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