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WOW!!Nigerian Born American Ex- Beauty Queen Krystal Okeke Launches New Pageant In US (photos)

Popular Nigerian Born American Model and former Miss Illinois USA Universal, Krystal Okeke has launched her own pageant brand following her handover of her former title, haven gotten to the apex of her pageant career as beauty queen. ‎Krystal who works as an international journalist was named and awarded the prestigious title of World Class Beauty Queen 2017, on this basis she built on that honour to float Miss & Mrs American Nation pageant which has be eliciting reactions across the world. 

‎The Miss America Nation pageant system is created to empower and build the lives of the less privileged. This pageant system is a Local, National & international pageant system designed to inspire, build and acknowledge every individual regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. It's a movement of inspiring and empowering young women/men community with a great purpose.  ‎
‎With the mission  "Uniting a Diverse Nation" the pageant is open to MEN/WOMEN and aknowledging contestants from all part of the world. Standing for Divisity on a local,National & International level and entries from UNITED STATE, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA, her African Publicist AlexReports (Alex Nwankwo) is the National director of the pageant in Nigeria, saddled with the responsibility to produce the Nigerian and some selected African representatives. ‎Over 70 countries are expected to participate in the contest holding in 2019 with a coronation and presentation of sash and crown to the selected country representative by the organisers.

Okeke who is known for judging various pageants and modelling for high brands within the United State is an  inspiration for various youths worldwide. It\'s on this bedrock she is pushing forward her experience and networks to ensure a world class event ‎in Chicago. The representatives of different countries are expected to have a formal interview before application is sent across. For the Nigerian representative she will be known as Miss Nigeria American Nation. @Miss_‎America_Nation
Facebook: International Miss America Nation

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