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Dad of Lafia man murdered over NaijaBet winnings begs police: ‘Please, find my son’s killer’

Dad of Lafia man murdered over NaijaBet winnings begs police: ‘Please, find my son’s killer’

Twenty-eight-year old Achuku Vincent Joseph of Sabo Pegi area in Lafia, Nasarawa State, was gruesomely murdered after he allegedly won N7.4 million on the NaijaBet betting platform.

Father of the deceased, Joseph Aruma, told Daily Trust that Achuku’s corpse was discovered in the early hours of Saturday April 15, abandoned by the roadside at Federal University Lafia, with several machete cuts.

Aruma explained what transpired from the time his son allegedly won the money until when he died. “One Monday evening, Achuku came home late, around 10:30 pm. When he knocked at the gate, I asked him why he was still out at that time, and he apologized for coming home late. I locked the main gate but left the doors and windows open because the weather was very hot. I found it difficult to sleep because of the harsh weather.

“As early as 5am, my son came into my room and told me that thieves were in our house in the night. I asked him how he knew and he said they entered his room and stole his plasma television and a NaijaBet ticket slip with which he won N7.4m. I rushed into my mother’s room to tell her about the incident, and just then some of his friends came into the house. They were shouting that they would not agree because the NaijaBet agent knows about those who stole the winning ticket. They decided to go and challenge him over the incident because they said he was the only one who knows the person and ticket that won.

“I warned them not to take laws into their hands but should rather report the matter to the police. They did as I told them but no statement was taken until the next day. When we came back home, my son started screaming, complaining of severe headache. After a while, he started behaving abnormally, saying they wanted to kill him. When the situation persisted, I decided to report his abnormal health condition to the police but before I came back, his condition had worsened as he could no longer talk or respond when talked to.

“We took him to the hospital and he was admitted. Moments later, his friends showed up again. They revealed that he had been given a charm and that they had warned him not to stay without the charm.

“A pastor was invited to pray for him after we discovered the charm in his pocket. My sister insisted we keep him away from his friends by relocating him from the place since we were not sure where his problem was from. They still used diabolic means to trace him which worsened his condition.”

He noted that Achuku went out as early as 5am on the day he was killed without the knowledge of his sister’s family and he suspects that he was lured out of the house through some kind of spiritual means, only for the family to find him dead later.

Aruma said, “Why should the issue of winning a bet lead to the killing of my son? I am not concluding yet but I suspect both his friends and the NaijaBet agent for this ungodly act. It seems to me that there is connivance between his friends and the agent but I will wait for the outcome of police investigation.”

“My appeal to security agents, especially the Nasarawa State police command, is to investigate and unveil those responsible for the killing of my son and prosecute them to serve as deterrent to those who take laws into their hands.”

The Nasarawa State Command’s Public Relation Officer, DSP Idrisu Kennedy, told Daily Trust that the command has arrested some people in connection with the killing, adding that the matter is being investigated.

He said the case is with the State Criminal Investigation Department in Lafia. However, security sources revealed to our correspondent that the purported winning ticket claimed by the deceased did not tally with the code number on the computer of the NaijaBet agent.

The source further revealed that the police were able to trace the ticket and code number in contention, and they discovered that the person who won the N7.4 game claimed his prize in March.

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