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Re: Hon. Tony Nwulu Accepts Youth Group Request To Run For Imo State ‎Governorship (photos)

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On Wed, 30 May 2018 at 6:18 AM Alex Nwankwo <[email protected]> wrote:

Popular youth group known as Imo Youth Renewal Movement that assembled in their thousands from the 27 Local Governments in Imo State recently, have sent an 8 man delegation to Abuja to present a communique to member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Tony Nwulu after a clarion call for him to run for the Imo Governorship come 2019.

The zonal coordinators led by its state chairman Comrade Chukwu Kelechi Kingsley said they could not sit and watch the wrongs of the present administration continue in Imo state as such after thorough examination of the track records and antecedents of all governorship aspirants, they have unanimoulsy agreed to back Nwulu who represents the new face of leadership to occupy the Douglas house in 2019.

In his words "our visit today in Abuja is a follow up of our clarion call and we appeal and beckon on the people of Isolo/Oshodi to allow our son come home and rescue Imo state, we must say we are most grateful to them" he further stressed that the personality of Tony Nwulu has brought that federal constituency to limelight courtesy of the most popular youth friendly bill "Not Too Young to run". 

Comrade Kingsley added that the Honourable has done his bit ‎there and it is time for him to do what is called backward integration to ensure they put it right because they believe he has the capacity to bring vibrancy in the governance of Imo state.

While presenting a communique on behalf of the youths of Imo state, the state coordinator appealed to the Ezinihitte Mbaise born Federal lawmaker who broke the jinx to win the Isolo/Oshodi Federal Constituency seat in Lagos State not to reject this call from the youths, vowing to collapse all the structures of Imo Youth Renewal Movement to Mezie Imo Movement, thereby mobilising all and sundry to support his governorship ambition.

‎Responding to the delegation yesterday, Hon. Nwulu said he was overwhelmed at the request, though that nobody would want to be called when things are very bad to come and fix it as everyone prefers when things are very smooth. 

In his address he said " If you remember the state Imo is currently, whoe‎ver is called to come and become the governor, if the person truly believes in true leadership the person should be wary unless the person is only coming out to get the state much more indebted. Imo is highly indebted, it's everything but a state that is moving forward"

Nwulu expressed dissatisfaction over the activities of past state governments as he noted that Imo state had been unfortunate with successive leaderships who are only interested in their personal development than the state welfare. According to him Imo should be among the to top states in Nigeria with the resources at their disposal as such the state does not have any reasons to depend on federal allocations.

The Federal lawmaker lamented over the despicable ways Imo youths had been maltreated and defrauded to the extend of making unemployed youths buy scratch cards to apply for jobs even when Imo state in general have enterprising young people that believe in education. Nwulu gave conditions to accept the offer to run for the office of the governor of Imo state which includes not been addressed as "His Excellency", a pruning grounf for running governance, 70% of youth in his cabinet, youth not been used to perpetrate violence during election and to vote and protect their votes amongst many others ground rules. 

With the acceptance to contest for the Imo governorship election, the Hon. Nwulu who recently added another feather to his already feathered cap with the certificate of executive leadership training from Havard, he is expected to do an official declaration in Imo state soon.

In a related development, the members of the Imo Youth Renewal Movement who collapsed their structure to merge with the Mezie Imo Movement, ‎were decorated as part of the team members by the lawmaker after hosting them to a dinner reception yesterday.

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