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Don't Compare Yourself To Others

… you’ll never win.

Your work is to live YOUR LIFE, no one else’s.

It doesn’t matter who has what in their life, it only matters that you focus your energy on what it is you have and what you want to create.

Everything is energy and if you put your energy into obsessing over what you think everyone else has, then you will have less energy to put into your own success.

Envying others dilutes your energy and renders you powerless to fulfill your dreams.

In other words, comparing yourself to others is guaranteed to make sure you never get what they have.

Put your energy and thoughts back into yourself.

Focus on what it is YOU want to create in your life and don’t give anymore of your energy and resources to wishing you were more like someone else or had more of something else.

Keep your energy for yourself and channel it into living the life of your dreams, otherwise you will never have it.

Do you want to be happy?

Stop comparing yourself to others and give yourself a chance to create the very life you seek.

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