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Friday, June 22

What You Fear Persists

What You Fear, Persists

…what you look at disappears….

Have you asked yourself what it is that holds you back from being who you are/living the life that you want to live? More often than not, the answer will be FEAR.

What is fear?

Fear is whatever stops you from moving forward in life.
It is different for everyone. Most of us in this city fear failure. We would rather sit out on the bench and not go for that big job or not make a commitment to the person we know we love out of a fear that we may fail at all of it.

Fear stands for False Expectations Appearing Real.

There is no fear but fear itself.
Fear keeps us small and stuck in our habitual patterns. Love frees us and opens us up to a myriad of possibilities to improve ourselves and our lives.

What you buy into, is yours.
If you buy into the pattern of fear, it will destroy you, keep you down and prevent you from achieving what you deserve.

If you reframe your fears, you can learn to transform them.
Think about the times when you were nervous, nerves can EITHER escalate quickly into full fledged anxiety and panic OR nervousness can transform into adrenaline rush and excitement for the unknown.

It is all how you perceive it.
And as we know, perception is reality. Living your life in fear is akin to living under a rock for the rest of your life. Come out from beneath the shadow and transform your fears into something greater, allowing yourself the opportunity to thrive in a world of your own creation.

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