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Relationship: 4 Major Reason Why Women Lose Interest In Relationship

  1. You are broke: This is one of the top reasons most relationships crash, even marriages. Sometimes, it could be because she got fed up with putting up with your brokenness. Not every woman can be with a guy who hasn't found his feet financially. And even those who think they can could eventually become fed up when the expectation of wealth does not materialize as soon as they envisaged.
  2. Bad sex: If your sex score is not A1, there's every chance that the dissatisfaction will brew over at some point and cause her to seek a way out of the relationship. If your score is D7 or less, then just know she is going to run pretty soon.
  3. Cheating: No one in a relationship deserves the emotional imbalance of dealing with a fornicating, no-holds-barred cheat. When this happens there is every chance the relationship is going to crash.
  4. Poor hygiene: If hygiene is so poor to the point that your body or mouth odour is overpowering, it could suffocate the affection she has for you. It's as simple as that.

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