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Monday, August 13


The glamour that graced the first anniversary and graduation ceremony of  Diamond Royal Scholars Academy had the presence of the high and mighty in Africa. The academy is owned by an Ex-Beauty Queen Joy Onumajuru who is engaged in several educational projects in Nigeria.

Some notable and prominent faces in the helms of affairs of Nigeria was proudly recognised at the event. Amongst these prominent figures are the distinguished presence of Mike Okiro, the former IG and Grand Patron of the event, the Mother of the Day, Dr. Hajo Sani, who is the SA on Administration to the President, and the Special Guest of Honour, Chief (Sir ) Oseni Elamah, the Executive Secretary of the Joint tax Board. The event was filled with bliss as Actor Larry Koldsweat,the guest speaker  thrilled the crowd with his  engaging Keynote Address and pronouncements.

The proprietress of the Academy, Queen Joy has been adept in her involvements in educational investment because of her undying interest in learning and human development.

With her advanced knowledge from a London university, where she bagged a Masters Degree, she was able to strategically add value to education in Nigeria, through establishing the Diamond Scholars Royal Academy.

The graduation ceremony was indeed a celebration no one should miss, as the proprietress thanked and appreciated everyone who made time out their busy schedules to grace the glamorous  1st Anniversary and Graduation Ceremony of Diamond Scholars Royal Academy.

She says "as we have all gathered to encourage this institution, may your divine encouragements know no bounds".

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