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Monday, September 17

Rescuing Nigeria From Its Leaders

INTELLECTUALS and academics from 14 universities who gathered at the University of Abuja on September 5 to discuss the seemingly insoluble problems of the country, concluded that Nigeria has to be rescued from its leaders.

They poured in from the universities in Minna, Akwa Ibom, Benin, Ekpoma, Ado Ekiti, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Osun, Makurdi and Ago Iwoye. Others came from IBB, Tai Solarin and Lagos State universities.

Students of the host University of Abuja also filled the Management Hall, venue of the gathering which also featured an address by their Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Umale Adikwu represented by Professor Gboyega Kolawole.

Dr. Theophilus . D. Lagi, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Abuja Zonal Coordinator in addressing the theme:Neo-Liberalism, Democracy and Development in Nigeria, lamented that the country’s political leaders with their policy of ‘Government has no business in business’ have abandoned the people while simultaneously saturating the country with imported goods.

Nigeria- map ASUU President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, represented by the Vice-President, Professor Emmanuel Osadeke said the primary task in the country, is to mobilise Nigerians to change the system and ensure the people get what is rightly theirs.

The ASUU President argued that a system in which less than two per cent of the populace controls over 90 per cent of the resources, must not be allowed to continue.

The political elite, he argued, have become parasites helping themselves to the country’s wealth with which they send their children and relatives abroad for education, holidays and even medical care while ensuring that our public institutions, including education and health, are non-functional.

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