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Sunday, October 7

11 Common Reasons Why Men Hate Committing To Relationships With Women

11 Reasons Why Men Hate To Commit To A Relationship

Unlike women, men less likely involve themselves in long-term relationships. The reasons why are too many, one of which is sacrificing their singleness and independence. Guys love it when they have total control of their time and they get to decide when and for how long they would put commitment into something. When relationships go on for too long, women would sometimes demand their men to revolve their world around them and their relationship. But this isn’t the way it works with men. While they love you so much, the thought of being committed could sometimes scare them off.

While guys have their own reasons why they hate being in relationships, girls also play a role why men do. So here are 10 major reasons why men hate to involve themselves in relationships, particularly long-term ones. Ladies, if you have any of these traits, either lose them right away or lose you man.

Lots of Strings Attached

Obviously, men love sex, but when it comes to the emotional strings and responsibilities that come along with it. Guys would usually cringe at the thought of bearing responsibilities, especially when they’re still having the time of their lives. They would rather have lots of flings than staying in a relationship for too long.

Overemotional Girls

When a girl breaks one of her nails, her reactions might be as if she just lost one of her limbs. Or if a girl’s new dress escaped the notice of the guy or he failed to remember their monthsary, this becomes a major situation. Guys find these crazy and makes them swear they’ll never be in a relationship.

War Freak Girls

When something goes wrong, men tend to let it slip off. Women, however, tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. For instance, a friend posted a rude comment about her on Facebook. Instead of letting it go, girls tend to fight back. This is a huge turn-off for guys that they would rather stay single than being in a relationship with a catty partner.

Gossip Girls

When girl friends gather for some “girl-bonding”, expect gossiping to be the main course. Women has this innate skill of peel off other people down to the skin just by their words. Well, guys gossip too, from time to time, but they can never outdo women. So when a guy has a “gossip queen” as a girlfriend, he might start checking the way out of the relationship.

Jealousy Issues

A large majority of women share this common trait. Some men even allow a bit of jealousy from their girls, just to feel how much they don’t want other girls to be flirting with them. But when it goes OTT, that’s the time men hold up the “STOP” sign. Girls who constantly spy, snoop and ask annoying questions of their boyfriends are insecure and shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. If there is no basic trust in a relationship, then there is no foundation at all for two people being together in the first place.

The Dreaded Fear of Commitment

Men prefer hanging out, having fun and dating to the tedious responsibilities of marriage, kids, mortgage loans and college funds. Then there’s getting old and then dying. For most men, these realities bite them too hard that it leaves their egos hurt. On the contrary, women are usually willing to settle down early and start a family.

Self-Definition Differences

Guys look at life from an “I” point of view. They define their worth according to the job they hold, the amount in their paychecks, the car they drive, and many other tangible factors. Women differ in thinking. Once they are in a relationship, women loos at everything from a “We” point of view. And when these two points of view clash, it set a recipe for disaster. Guys would prefer to be single than lose their sense of self-identity.

Differences in Maturity

Women mature faster than men and this fact is evident even during childhood. While boys are playing with toy cars and superhero figurines, girls play with toy doll houses and miniature kitchens. Thus, women develop to have a nurturing and caring characteristic while men just like to have fun for as long as possible. This also explains why men prefer to be single and have fun rather than being in relationships.

Losing Their “Me-Time”

Guys may not be the most talkative or most engaging creature in a lot of situations but when left alone to themselves, they would love to hang out with their guy friends or be in their “man caves” just to relax. Hanging out with their football buddies, playing video games for hours or watching an action movie are basic necessities in a guy’s life. All this sacred “me-time” and “bro time” disappears when they enter into a serious relationship. Giving these privileges is just too much. Men would love to have absolute control of their time, something they get when they are single.

Women Letting Themselves Go

When boy meets girl for the first time and the dating game starts off, she always puts her best foot forward. They look hot and sexy for her possible new boyfriend. But once the relationship begins, guys notice their girlfriends stop dressing up, wearing makeup, watching their weight, etc. Probably because girls think that since they have found their men, they don’t have to try so hard anymore. Men always want their ladies to look great no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship. When they’re dating somebody who looks like she hasn’t combed her hair for weeks, men’s eyes start to wander to other girls around.

Clinging & Nagging

Guys are easily turned off by a woman who is too clingy and is always nagging. Guys will sacrifice their sacred “me-times”, will adjust to a woman’s cattiness and jealousy. But a clingy, nagging woman may probably the last thing he could endure. No man wants to be nagged on and bugged about any issue, especially little ones. They also don’t want women who always cling to them, as if their life depends on them.

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