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Wednesday, October 3

6 Incredible Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Don't Get Married!

They Don’t Value Us

Any Nigerian man within the shores of this country hardly gets the due respect from ladies!


Just travel to just Ghana or Cameroun the only visa you need to win their love is just to say ‘am a Nigerian’ and Boom! the ladies are all over you like bees to honey.

If you now leave the shores of Africa to any European or Asian country….. u will be a demi god!

Trust me.

So, the next time that babe gives you a wanton look, just save 200k and travel to at least Ghana or better still, get a visa.

They are not the most endowed

Most Nigerian ladies , who manage to get a little curve in front or behind them are usually so full of themselves even the “backless and front less babes” won’t even respond to a simple Hello!

Meanwhile, they are not as endowed as their fellow African counterparts, if you doubt me, take a trip to Cameroun, Tanzania, Ghana and a host of other countries, you would need an ‘iron pant’ to keep your ‘guy’ in check.

Yet, this babes adore Nigerian men, the Nigerian women who have but a little, will not even respond to a simple Hello, whether we are lost and need directions, they don’t want to know.

Don’t let Instagram deceive you

So the next time any lady ignores you because of a tiny rear light behind her or a fat filled head lamp of a Volkswagen golf 1, in front, just remember; there thousand of of other ladies with Bosch Caterpillar/Bulldozer rare lamps and head lamps that are fuller than that of Nissan Amarda with all the necessary pointers to direct your mind.

Why settle for less?

They are not the prettiest

NIGERIAN women are not even the prettiest in Africa “talk less” of the whole world.

So many countries have prettier babes.

Ethiopia for instance have very hot and pretty babes and with their current challenges, it won’t be a bad idea to help the country reduce their economic burden by reducing the number of fine girls they have!

The next time any lady tells you to talk to the finger just remember that there are over 100 Ethiopian woman stretching their hands and fingers, begging you to grab.

Why settle for less?

They are expensive

Nigeria ladies are so stingy that they will flash you to thank you for the 1500 airtime you sent to them.

They will never share the bill for a date or even get you a significant gift for your birthday.

From dating till marriage, all the men do is spend, spend spend, we only get very little in return i.e. if we get at all.

Meanwhile if you go to India and marry a Hindu, the girls family will pay u a dowry!

Can you believe that? (When will we start such in Nigeria).

It’s not even a small dowry ooo, the man’s family has the right to reject or accept the dowry (offcos based on how big it is)

So if you spend any dime on your lady and she’s not appreciative enough, ask her for your dowry, don’t stop there, attach a figure to how much you want!

Why settle for less?

They are fat!

If your girlfriend or your wife is currently slim, as long she’s a Nigerian, chances are that she will triple her weight with time.

All she need is just 2 ingredients.

a. Childbirth and b. Rest of mind

These are the two basic excuses our ladies give when you can no longer differentiate their boobs from their tummy.

Once they have any one of the two things above, they throw caution into the wind and add extra pounds.

They also hide under the myth that African men love their wife chubby!

Who told you that?

If we say otherwise we stand a risk of being suspended from bed room activities!

So next time any Nigerian lady tries any shakara, just imagine a fat version of her and your laughter will know no bounds.

There are ladies all over the world that will remain at any size you recommend.

Why settle for less?

They will force you into the labour room

This recent craze among Nigerian ladies of forcing men against their will into the labour room is causing lots of trouble for some men.

Some people don’t recover for months!

I know a friend who refused to touch his wife for over a year and 2months after childbirth!

The wife had to practically rape him to do that!

After all, have we not suffered enough all the cravings and sleepless night is it not enough?

Even the intentional punishment, like sending us to Ikorodu to buy Amala when premier league is about starting, is it not enough?

If you marry other ladies, they will not force you into the labour room!

Trust me, you won’t need to go to ikorodu to buy Amala with gbegiri.

Why settle for less?

Finally : If you are Nigerian man and you read all I wrote above with a broad smile and you nodded your head several times, you might even be thinking of trying out one or two ladies outside Nigeria like I advise.

I have one thing to say to you...


Completely, on your own.

*Got ya!*

I am married to a wonderful Nigerian lady who I can’t trade for all the ladies in all the 6 continents combined!

If you think you will find solace abroad, good luck.

Just as there are so many Jezebels among Nigerian women there are also many pretty angels, whichever respect/accolade they get, they deserve it.#My OneCent!

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