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Wednesday, October 3

Abuja Residents Divided On The Need For Independence Day Celebrations

Abuja residents are divided on the need for the celebration of Nigeria’s 58th Independence anniversary.

Some Federal Capital Territory (FCT) residents said there was nothing to celebrate about the country’s independence, adding that government spending on the celebration could have been channelled to ensure better lifestyle for residents. Others, however said residents should look beyond the country’s challenges by being optimistic about its future.

Jude Charles, a businessman in Abuja, said though the country is independent of its colonial masters, the country and future generations could be plunged into slavery if government failed to check loans obtained from Asian countries.

He said there was nothing to be jubilant about in the territory as many people still live in poverty due to lack of jobs and underemployment.

“If the situation of the country is not enough reason not to celebrate, what about the pilot that died while rehearsing, what would the family be going through knowing that their son died in a bid to celebrate Nigeria’s independence,” he said.

A florist along Jabi Airport Road Bypass, simply identified as Princess, said some residents were not patriotic as few people were seen dressed in Nigeria’s colours.

“Why are you not wearing green or white, or you do not know today is Nigeria’s Independence Day,” she challenged a passenger in a commercial tricycle yesterday.

“I had wanted to stay back home and watch how Nigerians celebrate independence but I woke without electricity so I changed my mind and went to my shop to console myself by looking at vehicles and pedestrians,” the woman dressed in a green gown said.

Though there were people hawking prototype of Nigeria’s flag and few cars adorned with the flag, several residents were seen going about their normal businesses.

Another resident, Peace Arinze, who had the flag of Nigeria painted on her face, urged residents to look beyond the social and political challenges and celebrate the nation’s independence.

An enthusiastic Peace said Nigeria is blessed with numerous resources that would propel the nation to growth among the comity of nations.

“I am alive and witnessing another Independence Day so I will take my children to a park and have fun. This is not a day for negativity,” another resident, Anuoluwapo Ade enthused.

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