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Wednesday, November 14

Hon. Tony Nwulu, UPP Governorship candidate declines 40th birthday celebrations.

On this day the 14th of November 2018, I was brought forth into this world. I looked forward to today because 40  is a milestone age. I had thought there'll be fanfares to herald me into another new decade. But now the day has come, I'm filled with fear, trepidation and disappointment. There's absolutely nothing to roll out the drums for. There will be no fireworks. Why? Because my turning 40  rather put me in a sombre and melancholic state.

When I look, I see a state  ravaged, torn apart: a people deprived of what's rightly theirs, lying desolate and in despair. I weep in my heart. How did we get here? 
Imo! My Imo state..The Eastern Heartland has now turned to a city where pensioners who slaved their whole lives, and gave their youth for the growth of our  state, lie in pain and anguish at their old age. 

A state, where the youth have no job or future. 

A state where  decent access to medicare is at its lowest ebb. 

Where pregnant women die daily for lack of care , and  infant mortality extremely high. 

A state where ideas die, because there's no enabling environment for those ideas to thrive. 

Where security is non-existent, and the inhabitants live in fear for their lives. 

I cannot celebrate, when the city that heralded my birth, lies in waste. 

Where's my joy? I am seized by a great sadness over the things that could've been better, but was never attempted. 

Where roads and gutters have become death traps, and environmental harzards a norm. 

Where so many businesses have been displaced, with no respite In sight. 

A state where impunity and lawlessness has continued to thrive, and the rule of law thrown out of the door. 

I thank all my well wishers, friends, supporters and families, who had plans to make this day, a day worthy of note for me. Thank you for your concern, and goodwill, but I'll rather pray and reflect on what needs to be done to make Imo great again.  The Imo, the likes of Sam Mbakwe conceived in their minds, and dreamt of.
It's a day of deep reflections for me.
Thank you and God bless.

Hon. Tony Nwulu
UPP Governorship candidate.

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