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Tuesday, January 22


Moments ago, the Supreme Court corrected the very abnormal judgement of the two lower court in the case between my boss the Deputy  Speaker of the Delta State house of Assembly, the very swaggalicios Osanebi Friday and Emeka Ozegbe! 

Yes, we have won the case, their gang up has failed and just like we have reiterated over time, 2019, OSANEBI AGAIN, OTUNBA NO GET SHAKING!

The haters, they hurled insults on us, they danced through the streets, wining and dining in celebration, we were irked, boiling and eager to return fire for fire, but we held our calm for we know that they have forgotten he who laughs last last best and no man can bring down he who God have blessed!

Bar those driven by envy and hate, it's a known fact that Friday Osanebi has been a blessing to humanity not just to us his disciples or members of his constituency, his reach has gone global, how one man with no name thinks he can bring down the chosen one remains a mystery!

To the return certificate paraders, we are still waiting for the day they will swear in Ozegbe.

Hear me one more time: 2019, OSANEBI NO GET SHAKING, THE GANG UP HAS FAILED! 

2019 Osanebi Again, our choice is very clear!!!!

Clear road!!!

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