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Tuesday, January 8


The Governorship Candidate   and National Leader of the  National Interest Party (NIP),  Mrs. Sarumi Omobolanle, also known as BASA, has called on Nigerians to stop vote selling, stating that her political vision is to put an end to money politics, so as to enable credible elections across Nigeria.

She made this assertions during an exclusive conversation with our reporters this morning, while reacting to the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria. 

Mrs. Omobolanle is popularly reffered as "Jagaban" in Oyo state politics, as her high rising political affluence and impacts are reflected in the lives of people leaving in Oyo state.

She has promised to continually invest in humanity, stressing that if elected as Governor, her government will not rely solely on federal allocations, but will instead engage local opportunities that will determine a long run sustainable development in Oyo state. 

Still professing her prospects for the state, she promised that her wages and salary for the first year will be spent on charity.

However, health, education, All-inclusiveness, reintegration and transformation remains the major focus of her government when elected.

 "BASA" is the first female politician to contest in the Governorship race of Oyo state. She remains a  untraversed leader, committed to democratic governance and equality amongst all.

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