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LITERATURE: Travails of a Lost Soul

By Ifechukwu Ifee Uwaks

Ada had just gotten admission into the university to study fine arts, she was very good at drawing and painting, which was why she decided to study something she was familiar with. When she told her mum she wanted to study fine arts, she was made a mockery of; her mom said to her 'I always knew you are clueless and dull, I wonder how you became the first born and first daughter, look at your brother, very brilliant, by next year, he will be going to study medicine, and you want to study fine arts, what will fine arts do for your miserable life?. Ada got to her room and wept bitterly.

She came from a wealthy background, so wealthy that even when her father had a stroke from an accident, her mother was well grounded in her business that they never felt the absence of their dad. They lived in a duplex, had many cars and her parents were well known philanthropists. There was nothing they lacked, except for Ada who never got the care and love she deserved from her parents. She had two younger siblings, and while her mom preferred Nnamdi, her dad preferred Oluoma. Sure, they gave Ada everything she wanted, never denied her anything, but they never gave her the things she craved most, their attention, encouragement and love. She grew up in a home where preferential treatment is very normal and highly acceptable and she was both physically and emotionally abused by her mom every day. Nothing she does seems to please her parents as they will always praise her younger siblings in her presence and ridicule her in their presence.

It got so bad that when Nnamdi or Oluoma did something, they shifted it to Ada who took the blame. Because of the constant abuse, Ada was not only withdrawn, but also a shadow of her real self. She spent most of her time alone in her room and her drawings and paintings became her safe haven, a talent her parents never knew she had. Ada developed a very serious low self-esteem, so serious that she found it hard to look up and greet someone, she never had friends because people hardly came close to her. The only friend she had was Fred her imaginary friend, whom she had till she got admitted into the university at age 18.

Ada was a very beautiful and smart girl, and at 18 years, she is supposed to be full of life and happy, but she looked always sad and old and also looked dull, which is why her course mates gave her the nickname 'Ghost 101', always dropping statements like 'ghost 101 dress fine today oo' or 'ghost 101 no dey ever dey front seat', etc.
Another reason she was being called a ghost is because she hardly talks to anyone and always sat alone. Her course mates knew nothing about her and never bothered to find out, hence the conclusion that she was a ghost and a case study.
She was the best student in fine arts department and always had the best drawings and paintings, but socially, she was a zero, and no one dared to get close to her, no one except Micheal who either out of pity or his kind nature liked her. 
It took a full year for Micheal to get her talking and smiling, and by second year, she was looking better and brighter than she was in her first year. Micheal noticed she lacked courage and started teaching her to love and encourage herself if no one else would after he heard her life story.
Because of how happy she was whenever she was with Micheal, she decided to take him home to introduce him to her parents as her first ever real friend. But when she met her mom and introduced Micheal to her, her mom laughed and said 'who will want to waste his precious time on someone like you?'

All her happiness vanished immediately, but this time she was not sad, anger took over, and Fred her imaginary friend whispered to her 'if you don't end this now, it will continue forever'. Ada just lost it, and pushed her mother so hard she fell down the stairs. Micheal was both scared and surprised and before he could hold Ada, she had already followed her mother down the stairs screaming 'all I ever wanted from you is a little care and love, just a little encouragement, you, dad and this family are the worst things that happened to me'. Micheal got to Ada's mother and touched her, but she wasn't moving, 'she's dead!' Micheal shouted, 'Oh my God!' Ada exclaimed amidst tears 'I just killed my mother'. The one time she tried to be happy, a veil of sadness covered her happiness. She said to herself amidst tears 'I was never meant to be happy'.

Ada was arrested the next day for murder and her mother was transferred to a mortuary. She was put in a cell pending full investigation. Right there in her cell, she met Nneka, the one that killed her uncle, and instantly, they became friends.
The end.

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