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Nigeria, France sign film distribution agreement

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) and the Allaince Franciase, have signed a joint agreement between the two parties for the French-Nigerian Film Distribution Conference.
The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, when the Ambassador of France to Nigeria, Jerome Pasquier, alongside the Director of the Institut français du Nigéria (French Institute in Nigeria), Arnand Durnon, paid a visit to the NFVCB headquarters in Abuja.
Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, the Executive Director of NFVCB, expressed his enthusiasm over the agreement, saying that it would be of mutual benefit to both countries.
“One of our incentives for this collaborative venture is to encourage the distributors to release Nollywood movies in France,” he said.
Mr. Thomas also noted the independent foreign films from around the world had earned more money in the French box office compared to other countries.
“Our Nigerian distributors would be more than happy to collaborate with big time French distributors such as the likes of Pathe, Studiocan and Bacfilms as planned in coming collaboration conference,” Thomas added.
The ED also said that in the next two years, the film industry would be a great contributor to the GDP, alongside the agricultural sector, citing that the Ease of Doing Business policy and its execution which have developed the film industry, and the economy as a whole.
The French envoy, Mr. Pasquier described the new agreement as something that would lead to a “stronger collaboration between the two sectors.
“Private investors of both countries will sure benefit from this collaboration, in terms of investment in distributions and marketing of films,” Mr. Pasquier said.
The French-Nigerian Film Distribution Conference is due to hold this July.