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YOUTH RIGHTS WEEK: Group Task Youths And Leadership On Strategic Development Paths, React To Killings Abroad (photos)

The National Coordinator of National Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund and Coalition of Young Candidates of the Federal Republic Nigeria, Chief Ambassador Vincent Anthony Ubani has expressed his warmest greetings to Nigerians who participated in making the occasion of the Youth Rights Week a success. He made this remarks via a press conference released few hours after the occasion that was held two days ago in Abuja.
The APC Governorship Aspirant and AAC Governorship Candidate in the just concluded 2019 elections in Abia State, Anthony Ubani, stated the Youths Rights Week was a platform for strategic exchange of ideas and initiative development, that will further promote youths right in Nigeria and oversees, as well as youths inclusion in governance.

According to the statement, the Coalition of Young Candidates will be collaborating with other support group at ensuring that they work relentlessly to guarantee the successful transition and Impact of President Buhari Next Level Agenda. It butressed on the required role of the youths, especially in areas of speaking out on behalf of victims of the diverse challenges like killings in the north, kidnap, assault of Nigerians oversees and alot others which the nation is faced with.
Ubani through the statement stressed on the commitment of the coalition to frontline Initiatives that promote human rights, freedom, fairness, equity and justice. He noted that the from May 2nd 2019, the CYCFGN will require detailed information of Nigerians from embassies and high commissions, who are held up various prisons across world, so as the cut down the unjust killings, humiliation and marginalization.

Chief Anthony Ubani in his concluding words called on Nigerians to be God-fearing, regardless of what ever differences or diversity that exists amongst us. In noted that the teachings of Peace, and one love should keep us together.

Read the full Speech Below: 


Greetings from the most high authority above all authorities on earth to the entire Nigerians both home and abroad.

On behalf of all the Nigeria Youth Leadership Structures in the Federation and the entire over 80 million Nigeria Youth in the 774 LGAs in the nation we bring a warm greetings to all Nigerians on this "Nigeria Youth Rights Week"  end of the occasion Press Conference at the Nigeria Youth Headquarters FCT Abuja Nigeria.

The Next Level of our father and leader the President  of the  Federal Republic of Nigeria His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari is A New Deal for emerging Youth leaders for a brighter future of this country as it prepares us Young Leaders ahead of 2023 which is the due time for us to take our destiny into our hands, to build our nation for a sustainable development and transformation of  the entire Nigerians both home and abroad.

The essence of holding this Young and Youth Rights Week was to give us the opportunity to discuss among Youth and Young Leaders by exchanging ideas and initiatives on the way forward to the Rights of Youth at the 774 LGAs at all level. Also asking for our Rights for inclusion of Youth in Governance and seeking for justice for many young people out there in various prison yards both in Nigeria and overseas that unjustly being held down without trial or conviction by the courts.

In our commitments to achieve the Next Level agenda, a successful one in the history of Nigeria politics credited in favor of President Buhari Administration, we the Youth and Young Leaders mostly the Coalition of Youth Candidates and Aspirants with Coalition of Support groups for the Next Level of President Buhari with Nigeria Youth Leadership structures in the Federation is aggressively walking tirelessly to ensure we give every necessary supports to guarantee the success of this 2019 to 2023 tenure of President Buhari.

To achieve this, we needed to start by making sure we speak for the oppressed and aggrieved ones who look up to us both those who are held down in prison yards unlawfully and other marginalized youths of our country Nigeria. Apart from the Match and peaceful protest with meeting had during this Youth Rights Week we have as well written officially to the appropriate quarters demanding for A letter of authorization to be issued to us which will help us in the 774 LGAs to participate on the forth coming exercise in visiting of all prison yards in the nation and as well Embassies to demand for freedom and justice for our innocent youth being held down in various prison yards both home and abroad. Our youths who are being killed in some countries, we are seeking for those killings to stop by bringing initiatives that we shall use to accomplish harmonious coexistence between our youths and citizens of the countries where they reside as we shall officially present it to those countries Government through their embassies for consideration and adoption  of our initavites which will in return help us address the  grievances and hatred among ourselves and those countries that has accommodate our people in their various countries.

 It is our fundamental human rights to make sure we come together in unity and love for the common interest of every Nigeria both home and abroad to enable us push this country to a brighter Next Level agenda 2019-2023 of this led President Muhammadu Buhari administration and this while we who are committed to see this Government succeed are doing everything to give everyone a sense of belonging by fighting for our rights for freedom, fairness, equity and justice.

Before the 2nd of May, 2019 we shall be demanding from all Embassies for records of all our youths and women being held down in various prison yards globally and those killed UNJUSTLY request for the killings, marginalization and humiliation of our people in their various countries should be put to an everlasting end as no man has the right to take another man's life unjustly because he is in your country looking for greener pasture. We shall be releasing the Communique to this effect that has solutions and initiatives to address this issue which will be officially submitted to all embassies that is muchly affected on this above problems.

We are totally positive that if all authorities involved put deep consideration on the  recommendations, then we are confident that we are already working towards a peaceful coexistence between we the young people and youth of Nigeria and the Government of our nation and other countries.

We have already submitted the Nigeria Youth first slots 40 man list officially to His Exellency President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) same list is to serve as among delegates to represent the entire Nigeria Youth interest at the inauguration of  His Exellency President Muhammadu Buhari second tenure and as well we have demanded for 10 minutes audience with His Exellency as we hope between now to the end of second week of May,2019 our request shall be granted to enable us have a heart to heart deliberations like father and childrens for the interest of over 80 million Nigeria Youth Rights to Development and Transformation.

May Almighty God hear our peacefully prayers and grant us freedom from hatred among ourselves irrespective of our different ethnicity, religions colours or language. In his eyes we remain one united children of God so we should embrace his teaching of Peace and one love that should keep us together whether you are from Africa nations, European nations Asia Nations or Americans nations we are all equal in God eyes.

God bless us all.

Long Live President  Muhammadu Buhari.

Long Live entire over 80 million Nigeria Youth in the 774 LGAs in the Federation.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Build the Youth ... Build the Nation.

Chief Ambassador Vincent A Ubani.
Engine Room of over 80 million Nigeria Youth in the Federation, Nigeria Youth Headquarters.