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Abuja Entertainment Stakeholders Applaud FIRS Historic Impact In Revenue Generation

A team of the Abuja Entertainment industry, led by stakeholders in the industry have paid a special courtesy visit to Dr. Babatunde Fowler, the Director General of Federal Inland Revenue Service, to congratulate and appreciate his significant and historic impacts in the revenue generating structure in Nigeria.

The courtesy visit to Dr. Fowler was at the FIRS Headquarters in Abuja, during an exposure of "I Believe in One Nigeria" Initiative yesterday. The meeting had the presence of Entertainment CEOs, including Amb. Kingsley Amafibe of "Peace Achievers award/ Miss Ambassador for Peace", King Fajag of "Democracy heroes awards/ Face Of Democracy Nigeria", MC Tagwaye of "Throne of Lafta With MC Tagwaye", Koboko Master of "Sportekallyfunny", Mallam Yankee of "Yankee Entertainment / Nite Of A Thousand Laugh", Onome Da Saint of "Laff It Off With Onome Da Saint", Ambassador Wahala of "Kill Corruption concert/ Abuja Mega Concert", Shortcut Of "Leave Comedy For Shortcut", MC Bob of "MC Bob The Magnificent", "Ghana Must Go of Vintage With Ghana Must Go", Actor Uzee Usman of "Taurarin Zamani /movie Production" and few others.

During the entertainment stakeholders' meeting with Dr. Fowler, he was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding performance and a Certificate of Achievement for an all time 2018 record of 5.3 Trillion naira revenue generation. As it remains uniquely apparent amongst other revenue generating Institutions in Nigeria.

He was recognised for his revolutionary impacts in tax administration in Nigeria, and  Since his appointment into office Dr. Fowler has continued to support several surviving sectors through the social responsibility capacity of FIRS. In specialty, the entertainment industry has remained a key beneficiary of the social responsibility of FIRS, which is evident in the visibility of FIRS in prominent events in Nigeria.

However, Entertainment Stakeholders, confirmed that Dr. Fowler has maintained a path of significant records and achievements for Nigeria through his result-oriented initiatives as the FIRS CHAIRMAN. Regardless of the prevailing economic challenges since 2015, when Dr. Fowler was appointed, the agency has recorded up-move the revenue it generated. In 2016, it generated 3.3 trillion naira, in 2017, 4.03 trillion naira and against every record in the history of Nigeria, the agency  generated 5.320 trillion naira in 2018, with a benchmark of 8trillion naira in 2019.

The resident entertainers also maintained that the entertainment industry is guided and united, stressing that it will continue to ensure that all zones in the industry are reached-out to.

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